Monday, April 26, 2010

Jeepers, its been awhile since I have posted. I think because life is so stinking crazy, I just haven't taken the time for this extra thing.
Anyway, on a positive note - my back is doing great! Praise God I had this surgery and am feeling so much better!
I hope to get released in another month or so to do all kinds of new things!

Keith has been working nonstop on the new space. We hope to be holding our Sunday morning worship there by June!

Lots going on as far as changes in our household. Ivey will take 2 Veritas classes this next year -Algebra 2 and Biology. We are both excited about this.
Robby may be attending FPD if everything works out for it to happen...I just sent in the registration papers for the next school yr. It does make me sad that i won't have him home with me, but he is ready and Keith and I agree to give it a try.
Elijah is growing like a weed, doing well with his reading and math. He will be my only full time student next year...and he wants a desk in his room before school starts! hmm - will he really use it or will it be another place to stash his "junk". He is a collector for sure!

I am so excited to now be in an MC group. The kids and I have been attending Josh and Megan's group on Tuesday nights for almost a month is sometimes difficult to get there because Robby is still doing baseball and Keith has all kinds of obligations as well, but we do our best and I am so glad when I can go! It is already such a blessing.

What am I learning right now?....

I find myself still being reminded that people will always disappoint us in this life...and the only one who will not is God. He is forever faithful, always fighting for my best, never lets go, never stops loving, doesn't condemn me when I fail Him...He picks me up and continues to love me and I need to learn to let go...

What am I enjoying?

*New City...more and more each week! learning, fellowship, and our worship time together...aah it is so refreshing!
*spring - baseball games, horse shows and flowers...
*watching old episodes of Lost with my man!
*always enjoy my kiddos - they are always making us smile. God is good.