Monday, September 28, 2009

okay...update on this never dull household. Did I mention that I visited the ER about 2 weeks ago on a Sunday morning for a VERY swollen lip and a staph a tetanus shot, 2 antibiotics and some pain med. before that...
I think I mentioned Robby hurt his ankle (possible growth plate fracture) in the fracture boot for 2 weeks, and now he is in an ankle brace and back to playing football with a limp. ahem..

Well, on Friday the boys went to ride dirtbikes and I am at home ALONE with a sleeping baby and I check facebook and find a picture of my hubby's face a little scratched up and bloody. He said something like " nothing broke, shoulder hurt, so they return home after loading the bikes and he cannot raise his arm at all. So, I talked him into letting me take him to the ortho urgent care and he is scheduled for an MRI day after tomorrow. He doesn't have anything broken and this is the same shoulder that he had surgery on when we lived in Eastman. So, they think it may be rotator cuff or some tendon tear. we will see...
Then I went to pick up Ivey from her trainers barn and the horse had stepped on her foot and it is swollen, black, purple and a nice shade of blue. Ouch!
Saturday we loaded up early and left at 6am for a horse show in Tyrone GA. Ivey took a spill when Cassie refused a jump during the warmup, she was okay except for a scraped elbow and a stomach filled with nervous butterflies. She returned to the class for the competition and ended up with a 3rd and 5th place. It was not the best show she has had, but she learned to persevere and hang in there...give it a try and be okay with the outcome. I love her trainer and how she handles Ivey, she was so encouraging after the fall and the difficult times during the jumping class. God is good and after a bad start, she was surprised to hear her name called out for 3rd place! You should have seen the smile on her face, it was beautiful!
We returned home exhausted about 9pm, soaking wet from the rain that held off until we started unloading horses and all of the tack.
Robby did play in his game Sat., but not as hard as he would have liked, since he hobbled around most of the time. They did get a win and so he was thrilled. Keith was hurting pretty bad after coaching the game and taking care of the boys...or they had to take care of him I think...Elijah helped put on deoderant and socks! LOL
Well, that's about the extent of our excitement. And dont even ask if Keith Watson is giving up riding his dirtbike, cause that ain't happenin'! he has TOO much fun on it when he doesn't get hurt. crazy boys...I guess we all just play too hard around here!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Its Tuesday, i think, and I am a little blue cause my hubby is in Houston for the week. He is there for Acts 29 boot camp and I pray he will be refreshed and energized by the Word and by the friendships he has in the community of pastors.

It has been a bit crazy here between Robby's fracture at the growth plate on his ankle from a scrimmage game, to my swollen lip/staph infection/trip to the ER Sunday morning (thanks MOM) and then ELijahs random bloody nose. Not to mention I keep a 3 month old who hasn't been to the bathroom is like 4 days and was really cranky yesterday! I was blessed to have help all day from Mom and Grandmommy who LOVES, loves to hold those babies! It was good therapy for her since she lost one of her sisters this past weekend. My Grandmother is 84 and her sister was almost 93.

My lip is less swollen today thanks to 2 antibiotics and alot of drainage...gross. I hope Robby's ankle will heal quickly cause he is miserable sitting around all day and we want to see him play some FOOTBALL!!
This is Robby...5'5, 174 lbs! on his adult size dirtbike, and boy can he ride!. he scares me to death!!!

Elijah continues to make us laugh and apparently he also amuses his teachers on Sunday morning. I received an email from one of them this week telling me of his animations...
Keith and Amy,
Wanted to let you know that Wendy and I had Elijah's class this morning, and he kept us rolling. The lesson was the story of Creation. Wendy was explaining that plants would not grow if God had not created the sun. Elijah said, "People stop growing if they don't have birthday parties". Later I commented that it was really amazing that God created everything simply by speaking it into being. I was getting blank stares from all three boys and so I said, "That's pretty powerful isn't it? What if your mom told you to clean your room and all you had to do was walk in there and say 'Be clean!" and all your toys would put themselves away." Elijah said, "Oh, when I clean my room, I just hide everything under my bed." :) But my favorite (and Keith, you'll love this one...) was when we were getting ready to play a game at the end and Elijah said, "I get to go first cause I own this place!!!" We cracked up. What a wonderful kid! I'm sure he's a joy to you both.

He is such joy! I am also SO thankful that my 12 yr old son and my 6 yr old can play together for over an hour with their playmobil castles and knights!!
This is Elijah on his Honda!

And Ivey....she is growing up to be a beautiful young lady. She is 14! But still my little girl. I thank God everytime I see her in her room enjoying her American girl dolls, her Breyer horses and reading, reading, reading. She keeps me running to the library because she reads so much so quickly. I often wonder how many 14 yr olds still enjoy playing. She has such a knack for making things too. She took popsicle sticks and made horse stalls, ribbon and cross stitch yarn to make horse halters. Now she is making more ornate halters with beads and also for bracelets. I don't know where she gets that from, because I HATE crafts. (isn't that sad)

I love that she doesn't seem fazed by the injury on her arm...the obvious clue to a horrendous accident hits you in the face everytime you see her arm. She doesn't try and hide it anymore, like she did when it first happened. She is still afraid of the dogs in the yard, so she won't go there alone. But now she says...if that had not happened...I wouldn't have my horse, Cassie. And they are the best of friends. Ivey will get in the pen with Cassie and they play chase and jump jumps together (on foot). I love watching Cassie follow her around.

the blessing abounding are endless!

"look Mom, no hands!"
Last note- my MRI did show the need for the fusion on my back, but thankfully, just at one level. The date is somewhat set for Dec. 8th. So, I better get my shopping done early!
I really am going to post some Disney pics this week!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

an MRI

Well, yesterday Keith and I visited my orthopedic doctor again for a follow up on my back. I have not been to see him in a year, because I have been trying therapy. Well, it has been like a bandaid on a big sore that keeps opening up and never heals. I have tried to feel better and act like I don't have this problem, but I do. I want to be free of pain if there is a way. SO, he asked me if I was ready for surgery. I said, I think so.

Well, this morning I had an MRI done...boy, was it hard to lay in that machine with the really loud knocking and not much room to breath. I did make it through and will talk with the Dr. again next Wednesday about the results. As far as I know it is only L5-S1 that is causing me problems, and that is one thing they wanted to see. I have no cushion left between those 2 and the bone rubbing against bone causes the in and day out - pain! He did say that he had not seen someone my age with DDD this progressed. I guess I can thank genetics once again. :)

I am now in touch with the scheduler for surgery to get a date set in December. I would love to conquer this sooner (maybe) but with football games, horse shows and such for the next 3 months, it is best for the family to wait. It will be good to have the vacation from school then as well, so the kids won't get behind.

Oh the type of surgery he is talking about is called ALIF - Anterior Lumbar Fusion with cages. I have heard alot of good things about the doctor, his results, and I am trusting in the Lord to give us wisdom...that is why I wanted Keith to be with me at the appt. I think we both need to be on the same page.

I am scared to death....major surgery with months of being careful not to lift anything over a gallon of milk! Do you know how much a momma does in one day!?! It takes about 7 months for the fusion to be healed....yikes! But if the outcome is no pain, then I have to hope and pray this is the way to go! To imagine no pain...aahhh
I am not sure if you can make anything of this, but here is a shot of my spine from the side and the last black space before the curve(my sacrum) is where there should be a nice white block like there is between the other bones...but there is none! That is the suspect of this pain...more to come

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So, school has begun...a first grader, a 6th grader and a 9th grader! and I homeschool them all. yep! It is a busy day here...and 3 days a week I keep a little baby. So those are a few reasons why I don't blog much...not much extra time between that and keeping up with New City deposits, books and such...not to mention a little laundry and housework, walmart trips, guitar and riding lessons...gotta have time to ride and swim! yep, Mom got a pool put in and a beauty it is! My brother did it and he is awesome at his job!!!!!!! I will have to post pics. I also have some Disney pics...great trip, unforgettable memories for us as a family! I have new pics of the boys riding dirtbikes. Next will come football pics from Robby's game coming up on Sept 12th and then Ivey's horse show on the 26th!
Not to mention, keeping up with all the changes for New City. Keith goes to Houston in 3 weeks to assess church planters, we are looking at a new space for the church and 567.
I go to my back doctor tomorrow to discuss my ongoing back pain and yes, I am considering surgery...I am sure I will have an MRI or some other sort of test first to confirm his diagnosis.
Something else that keeps my mind occupied is the ongoing arrows thrown at my pastor/hubby...but he has decided not to wrestle with the pigs, as he put it...and neither will I...but don't go messing with my hubby's reputation cause you messin with me! And I get rather feisty when you try to bring my man down!
I will try, but won't promise to post new pics this week.
I have missed my bloggy friends though.