Sunday, October 26, 2008

We have had a great weekend getting to know our cousin, Noah and visiting with Patrick. They are here for a few days from Spokane, WA. They will be moving in January to Georgia!!! (along with Jennifer, their 4 girls and other 2 sons). Robby and Noah went to a neighborhood party last night and they enjoyed hanging out together. I hope it is the beginning of a great friendship:)

Father and Son

Also, Elijah FINALLY lost that tooth Friday night!!!

I found Lady on the back porch in a sunny warm spot and just had to snap this shot.

Friday, October 24, 2008

First things first - the king has returned to his castle! Yea!! Keith got in around 1am this morning from St. Louis and we all waited up for him...needless to say everyone is still sleeping this morning at 9:30am (except me who had to take the dogs out):-(Of course now I am awake and the dogs are asleep on their beds in front of a heater. They are sooo spoiled!

For those of you who haven't already seen photos of Ivey's show from last Saturday on Facebook I thought I would post a few. We had a great time despite the drizzly, cold weather that started the day. Thankfully, it did warm up and clear out before the costume class.

Ivey won 2 blue ribbons, 3rd in costume class, and one 5th place. She has a great time, made some great choices during her riding which may have cost her a higher place, but she got a rave review from her instructor on reading her horse and making wise decisions while riding.
These shows are alot of fun for us both. Ivey gets to ride and hang out with other horse lovers and I get to meet and talk with other Moms of horse lovers. We moms usually end up holding the reins in between classes for our girls.
I love the picture above of Rainey with pink wraps around his leg and toenail polish on his hooves!(that is quite an expensive horse and I think he is highly insulted to have polish on his feet!)
My Mom made to indian costume for Ivey and did a great job. It doesn't look the same with Ivey's class # tied around her waist, but that was for the judges.You can't see it from the pictures but Cassie's tail was braided with feathers and her mane had feathers all in it, plus she had some paint on her in different places. They looked really cute.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Keith, Heath, Patrick, Jason, Cameron and Dr. Paul at the Acts 29 Lead Conference in St. Louis.

It has happened again! A lab and a boxer maul a man

I was reading the paper and came across this article - this happened less than two miles from my home, in our subdivision! I run here sometimes, but not by this home thankfully! I am shocked that the dogs are still alive. I have always heard that if a dog does this once and tastes blood, he will do it again. What do you think???

Komen race director attacked, injured by two dogs while running in north Macon
By Liz Fabian

Scott Tankard doesn’t know exactly how long he fought off two dogs Saturday morning while he was running down Alexandria Drive in north Macon.
“The dogs wouldn’t let me go,” Tankard said Monday. “It was very terrifying actually.”

The man who was supposed to direct the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure this Saturday called the attack a mauling. The 7-inch gash on his right calf, sprained ankle and wound on his hand will keep him from the race, he said.
Tankard, 53, said he was jogging about 10 a.m. when a mixed-breed dog lying on the grass in front of 104 Alexandria Drive started barking at him. He had encountered two other dogs at that house before, a boxer and a Labrador retriever, that routinely barked at him and charged toward the invisible boundary of their electric fence, Tankard said.
This time, the boxer charged through the boundary with the Labrador retriever following behind. The boxer ripped the back of his hand in two while the Labrador retriever got a good grip on his leg, he said. The unfamiliar mixed breed dog didn’t attack.
Tankard charged through them, thinking if he got on the other side of the invisible barrier, he might be safe.
In his haste to run, he fell in the yard, rolled and got back up, he said. When the dogs kept coming at him and biting at his legs, he sought refuge on the porch and began calling out for help. With the dogs snarling and barking, he was cornered on the right side of the porch where apparently no one was home, he said.
He kept screaming until a neighbor came to his aid. The 5-foot-10 inch, 180-pound teacher at the Georgia Academy for the Blind doesn’t know how long he cried out for help.
“I left a lot of blood on the owner’s porch.”
A neighbor called an ambulance and the crew rescued him from the porch.
“The ambulance backed up the driveway to the porch and opened its doors,” he said.
Tankard spent five hours in the emergency room of The Medical Center of Central Georgia receiving treatment for his seven wounds. He was at the doctor’s office for another three hours Monday and will go back again Wednesday, he said.
He hasn’t been able to reach the owners of the dogs, John and Sarah Wright, A phone message left for John Wright at the phone number listed on the Macon police report was not immediately returned.
Jim Johnson, director of Macon’s Animal Control Department, said the dogs have no prior history of bites and were current on their rabies shots. The animals are being quarantined at their home for 10 days, Johnson said.
“They were given a citation for the dogs being loose, but we’re not real sure that’s what happened,” Johnson said.
The Macon police report states the Wrights have the invisible boundary fence but the batteries in the dogs’ collars were run down.
After the quarantine, Animal Control officers will visit the dogs to make sure they are fine,
Tankard said it was unnerving to see the dogs still at the property.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My friend, Keisha, is having a give away at her awesome site Reignbow Princess Designs! If you need bibs, burpcloths, baby gifts or hairbows, check out her site! She does a great job and supports great causes!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

17 years ago today, Keith and I were joined together for a lifetime.

What an adventure it has been!

Keith...Happy Anniversary with all my love!

On another note: Keith and 5 other guys, plus Patrick and Noah from WA are attending an Acts 29 conference in St. Louis this week. They will be gone through Thursday. I am excited that several men from our church are able to go and see what Acts 29 is all about and meet some of the leaders there. I am not excited about Keith being gone and neither are the kiddos. Elijah was quite teary-eyed today as Keith got ready to leave after church. We are praying for a safe trip for all the guys to St. Louis today!!)...hurry home :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

on my soapbox

Okay, I have heard ENOUGH!

Enough of the question that I have heard a MILLION times..."do you think Sarah Palin has enough experience to run this country?" I am sick and tired of hearing that question!

Why are they not asking( I know why those liberal media people aren't asking - they are afraid of what the answer will do for the election!) "DO you think barack obama has enough experience to run this country?" Absolutely NOT and he is the one running for president, not Sarah Palin! (And why all of the comparisons with Bush...when obama and ol clinton don't associate themselves as the same.)

He has been a senator for a short time period and most of that has been spent getting ready to run for president. I did hear Biden say one time that he would be by barack's side everyday as he made clue that Biden himself doesnt even think he is capable enough to make decisions. If you want more info on his ideas and non experience - just google for it and you will get alot of info! I know for sure that he will not be in the corner supporting homeschooling families, that would be too far from his socialist ideas. People, please wake up and read the facts. The facts are not found on the mainstream media and they are not in the normal news...these are all run by liberals. You need to listen to FOX, Hannity, AFA, etc. The American people are being lied to and deceived by media everyday.

Anyway, I am really, really tired of hearing all of the bashing against the republican candidates and then all of the oohs and aahs for the obama side...even tonight on the news Katie was googly eyed and all smiles as she interviewed Barack Hussein O.

okay, I'm done for now... on my soapbox, but I'm not done praying!

Friday, October 10, 2008

We went to the fair this week with our homeschool group and had a great time. You will notice more pics of Elijah and that is because Keith took him to ride little rides while I went with the older 2 kids to ride the "big" rides, and we had one camera...guess who had it?! But we did catch up with one another for some rides and watched a crazy man with 5 rattlesnakes, eat a funnel cake, grab some free chocolate milk and hold some baby chicks. Ivey has sworn off eating chicken since she heard they are grown at 8 wks and taken to slaughter. She'll get over it in about a week.

Here is Ivey and her guitar teacher, Jonathan during one of her lessons.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Check out, they are giving away a free handbag for 24hrs. in 5 days! woohoo!! who doesn't like something free?!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A new barn for Cassie

Mom and Dad have been wanting for sometime for us to move Ivey's horse out to their farm. Right now Cassie is about 5 minutes away at a boarding farm. It has worked well for us, but it will be so nice to be out at Mom and Dad's while Ivey hangs out with her horse, rather than "the barn". We took Keith out yesterday to see the barn and the new fence that was put up on Sat. The barn is not complete, but should be before the end of Oct. woohoo!!!!
I hope to post pics when it is complete and CAssie has moved in :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cheesecake -yum!

Thursday I made my first homemade, all from scratch, cheesecake. We were having a couple over for dessert and coffee, so I found a recipe from my favorite cookbook - Southern Living at home favorites. It turned out great! So, I made another one for our Missional Communities leaders meeting last night...there was none left. So, I guess I will keep this recipe and use it often. For some reason I thought cheesecake was difficult to make and so I never made one. Next time I think I will try a chocolate cheesecake...

Our MC leaders met together last night at our home and we had such a great time hanging out together. We are all so ready to begin our MC groups and the start comes next week!!! Lots of dessert, laughter and fellowship was had by all!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

First visit to physical therapy

I went yesterday to see a physical therapist about my back. He gave me new hope and insight into more about where my pain is coming from. Yes, I have DDD (degenerative disc disease) in fact we all do, but mine is somewhat advanced for my age due to genetics. But, at some point the therapist believes I took a fall hard enough to shift things in my pelvis area. He asked me if I remember having a bad fall or accident. Well, if you know me at all, I am a major klutz and have had many falls. I don't remember one in particular. But he is the second person who has told me my pelvis/hips are uneven. So, he worked for awhile with me and gave me some things to do at home until I see him next week. He believes that just with therapy and a lifetime regimen(on my own) that I can get 80-90% better without surgery!! In fact, last night I slept with minimum pain for the first time in a long, long time! And I didn't have to take tylenol, aleve, or PM!
BIG praise!! Plus, he told me I can still run!! He encouraged me to walk or run as long as it does not cause pain.
So, this morning Helen and I ran and it was chilly, chilly! Fall is definitely in the air. (love it!)