Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doctor's, oh my!

Well, I finally saw an orthopaedic doctor about my back. I have had back pain for years now and I finally went to see what the REAL problem is and what can be done. My pain is daily, especially after I do any housework or yardwork (which I love!) I can hardly move. There is not a day that goes by that I do not take something over the counter for the pain. My problem is genetic, of course! (I know everyone has some of this as they age, but mine is really, really bad for my age)Degenerative disc disease... my disc L5-S1 has collapsed and the space where the nerves run has collapsed some as well.
And for my age (39), it should not be like this! So, what do I do?
First we will try physical therapy for about 6-8 weeks and see how it works for me. But, it will not solve my problem. So, I am looking at in the near future having back surgery, specifically Anterior lumbar interbody fusion.
If I wait too long my nerves will end up damaged and pinched as the space where the nerves are located continues to collapse and the prognosis will not be near as good as it would be if I went ahead and did this.

What is it? Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion (ALIF) is a back surgery that involves approaching the spine through an incision in the abdomen. A portion of the affected disc space is removed from the spine and replaced with an implant. Titanium or stainless steel screws and rods may be inserted into the back of the spine to supplement the stability of the entire construct.

Why is it done? Patients who are suffering from back and/or leg pain are potential candidates for the ALIF procedure. This pain is generally caused by natural degeneration of the disc space.
The Operation: The ALIF back surgery is performed with the patient lying on his or her back.
The surgeon makes an incision in the patient's abdomen to access the spine. To have a clear view of the spine, the surgeon then retracts the abdominal and vascular structures.
Disc Removal :Once the spine is in view, the surgeon removes a portion of the degenerated disc from the affected disc space.

Material Placement: After this disc material is removed, the surgeon inserts bone graft material into the disc space—such as autograft or INFUSE® Bone Graft contained in a LT-CAGE® Lumbar Tapered Fusion Device — to restore the normal anatomic condition of the spine.

After the surgery, the patient will normally stay in the hospital between 2 to 5 days. The specific time of stay in the hospital will depend on the patient and the surgeon's specific post-operative treatment plan. The patient will normally be up and walking in the hospital by the end of the first day after the surgery. Your surgeon will have a specific post-operative recovery/exercise plan.
The doctor told me that I will have a new life after surgery, that because I am otherwise healthy and a non-smoker, I should do very well! I cannot imagine such! I am willing to do anything and everything to not have this back pain!
So, I go back to the doctor in November after working with a physical therapist and we will go from there!

Monday, September 22, 2008

We had a great week...wonderful weather, beautiful clear water, great waves the first few days and then smooth the rest of the week! It was such a blessing to get away and be with family. God certainly blessed our time together. We did alot of laughing and playing together. The kids loved the ocean and beach this year. We didn't spend as much time at the pool as in yrs. past. So, I loved sitting in my beach chair reading a whole book!! The others played in the sand and then we all played in the ocean.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

To the right of this post you will see something new. Take a minute to visit Keisha's site. Reignbow Princess Designs... (Especially if you have girls!!! or need to buy a baby gift or girl's gift). Keisha makes bows, hair clips,bibs, burp cloths, etc. They are so cute and the price is VERY reasonable. If only she was around when Ivey was a little girl! I know you will find something you love.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Well, I know I have been slow to post, but for good reason. I banned all computer use for the week of vacation. We had a blast, returned home late tonight and so I will post pictures and details this weekend. I loved, loved the sand, water and breeze of the ocean. It was a long awaited relief! Besides a few scares and moments of craziness, it was a nice vacation. Mom forgot all of their meds, so we had them bused overnight. She was very upset that she left them. Then Dad ran a 104 temp. Sunday night, scared me to death! He ended up feeling better the next day adn had no more fever the rest of the trip. He looked cute in his long sleeves and blue jeans all week wrapped up in a blanket. He is always cold now while on chemo.

more later...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big News!

Guess who's got their first loose tooth...

Yep, it't true this many times before, Elijah has told me to look at his loose tooth...only to find out it is really not. Well, to my surprise it is true this time. In fact, his new tooth has already erupted behind this one!
boo hoo, he's growing up :(

Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday, Monday!!

It's been a good Monday.

*Hubby is on the mend. Thank you for praying!

*Grandmommy was here today helping keep the kids while I went with Keith to the Dr. (to drive him while he is taking pain meds)

*Finished school before 3pm!! Yes!

*Ike seems to be moving more west and not towards the beach (selfish, I know) but we REALLY want and need this vacation!!

*McCain is leading in the polls

*The Stanfields got good news about their baby, Kenzie not having contractions as much! Praise God!

*Addi is with us this week while her Mom and Dad are looking for a house in Huntsville

*didn't have to cook dinner tonight, thank goodness for PapaJohns.

*Jennifer and Patrick are making plans to move from Spokane WA to Ga to help New City Church!

*The Michaels family had a healthy baby boy today!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hubby STILL feeling miserable...really green today. I think he took pain med on a semi empty stomach...blech! So, he has been trying to sleep the yuckies off...bless his heart! Plus...

It's first Friday downtown! yikes!! We have an acoustic band playing tonight at the 567. So, after his Dr. appt this morning, we drove by to check things out, put cokes and water in the frig, clean the toilet, check the trash and hopefully enough people will show up to help put tables and chairs back in place. I was forbid to pick up a chair/table because my back is really, really hurting today. Otherwise, I could have gotten things ready for tonight. Keith isn't able to do those things and neither am I. :)

Thanks to my Mom for taking Ivey to her riding lesson this morning! It is great to have help close by when you need an extra taxi driver.

Thank you Wendy for feeding us last night! Wendy makes a delicious roast. What a blessing to our family!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Poor, poor hubby...still not feeling well...out of commission for days to come...but he finally saw an MD today and got some help. So, we should start making progress. No it is not the flu, he had a minor surgical procedure this morning, has meds too. Yay!


I am posting this information about candidates records because I homeschool and wanted others who do to be aware of these facts. I am not pushing my political views on anyone -but I thought this was very interesting and worthy of blogging!

The Homeschool Vote
09.04.08 Posted in: Homeschool View
Who the U.S. chooses in the 2008 election for our next President might well set the future course for homeschooling in America. As families who cherish the freedom and right to teach our children with Bible-based homeschool curriculum, we need to be informed and scrutinize the agendas of each Presidential candidate. So, where does each major candidate stand on the important issues that affect homeschoolers?
To help you make an educated vote this coming November, here are a few of the republican and democratic candidate's past and present positions on the topics of marriage, family, and education:

Senator John McCain at a GlanceMarriage - Voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, which prohibits same-sex couples from receiving federal rights and benefits in any state. - Campaigned for a ban on same-sex relationship recognition in his home state of Arizona, including appearing in a campaign television ad. - Believes the institution of marriage is a union between one man and one woman.Family - Voted to confirm President Bush's judicial nominees who had taken anti-homosexual positions. - Believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned to protect the life of the unborn. Has publicly stated that life begins at conception. - Opposes the intentional creation of human embryos for research purposes, but supports funding for amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos.Education - Co-sponsored the Education A-Plus bill in 1997 and again in 1999, which allows parents to open tax-free savings accounts for their children's educational expenses, including tutoring, computers, and tuition. - Supports school vouchers and empowering parents to choose among schools for their children, including charter schools, homeschooling, and public schools. - Believes the decision of teaching creationism curriculum alongside evolution in schools should be made at the local level.

Senator Barack Obama at a GlanceMarriage - Voted against a Federal Marriage Amendment. - Opposed the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996, which gives states the option of not recognizing another state's "gay marriages" and prohibits the federal government from recognizing "gay marriage." - Supports civil unions between gay and lesbian couples, as well as letting individual states determine if marriage between gay and lesbian couples should be legalized.Family - Supports gays and lesbians having the same rights as heterosexuals to adopt children. - Original co-sponsor of legislation to expand access to contraception, health information, and preventive services to help reduce unintended pregnancies. -
In January 2007, introduced the Prevention First Act that increases funding for family planning and comprehensive sex education.Education - Plans to reform the No Child Left Behind Act. - Has made no public statement about homeschooling. However, he is endorsed by the National Education Association (NEA). The NEA agenda opposes homeschooling unless children are taught by state-licensed teachers using a state-approved curriculum and wants to bar homeschoolers from participating in any extracurricular activities in public schools. - Will implement the "Zero to Five" plan, a preschool agenda that begins at birth and does the following: * Quadruples the number of children in Early Head Start * Increases Head Start funding * Encourages all states to adopt a voluntary, universal preschool * Provides funding for early learning challenge grants * Increases tax credits for working parents with child care expenses * Expands evidence-based home visiting programsHelp Inform HomeschoolersLike the recent California legislation episode, it's important to get the word out when we learn of information that threatens homeschooling. As the 2008 election draws closer and the presidential candidates solidify their stances on political issues, help homeschoolers vote more informed by adding any current news developments to the Homeschool Blog at Alpha Omega Publications!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hubby is home sick, sick, sick! He is really in alot of pain too. I hate to see him hurt and not be able to help the pain. Praying for a quick recovery...too much going on!!! vacation in about 8 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully the hurricanes won't hightail it to PCB, FL.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Busy, Busy Weekend

It all started Friday with Josh Malloy at the 567 cafe. Lots of college kids from Milledgeville came to hearJosh and hang out with friends. It was really exciting to meet new people, some who have been listening to New City sermons each week!
Saturday morning was the dreaded grocery shopping trip to Walmart and Kroger. There are just some things you can't get at Wally world, so I always head across the street to Kroger for the rest. We then cleaned up for our company coming from Dothan AL.
J.D. and Corrie came in Saturday afternoon and spent the weekend with us, checking out New City and some of the local schools. We so enjoyed our time with them. They are really easy to hang out with! We are sure hoping they will be moving our way soon!!!
Sunday was a crazy, busy sound person at the theatre made for a little more stress, but all in all everything went well. We had a great service, and also had communion together at the end of the service. I always love that!
We enjoyed lunch with Tyler, Sara, J.D. and seemed we had known each other much longer the way we all fellow shipped together.
Once everyone was on their way back to their homes, I snuggled on the couch with the weiny dog and took a little cat nap. Ooo, what a way to end the day!
Monday, Keith wasn't feeling well. So, He stayed at the house ALONE (I don't think he minded that part) while the kids and I went for a cookout at my aunt's home(formerly my "Mawmaw" home). My aunt announced her recent marriage...surprise! The day was fairly cool, wind blowing through the "wrap around" porch. Lunch was delicious!! The kids and I checked out the goats (got an unexpected show on mating), got bit by fireants and then headed to Mom's house for a bit.
We ended the day by serving dinner to residents at the Ronald McDonald House. New City church accepted an invitation to serve dinner and we had a great turnout for a holiday. This is such a great place! If you ever see the small collection boxes on the counters at McDonalds collecting change for the homes, put some $$ in them! It does go directly to the local homes and is one BIG way to help them stay open. They are not funded yearly by McDonalds...the local restaurants have the option to give, but don't have to. So, the homes do fundraisers on their own to raise $$. Our home hear in Macon is helped by local McDonalds, and they recieve baked goods each week from Panera Bread, as well as other businesses who generously donate things. But the home still has to raise support.
Anyway, dinner is served regularly by different people/church groups/etc to the residents. There is actually a long waiting list for these meals, but we take days where no one can serve. We brought in hamburgers/hotdogs/chips/slaw/dessert to serve. The guests really appreciate the hot meals ready for them to eat before they head back over to the hospital.
Ivey and I are also planning on becoming volunteers at the house! We will help in the office, organize donations, clean up, etc as needed. They are in need of volunteers if anyone is interested. Exciting!!!
By the way...who else is excited that it is already Tuesday and not Monday!!??!