Thursday, August 28, 2008

So, it's Thursday! Yea! That means one day closer to the weekend. I'm a little sad to find out that my running partner can't make the race on Labor Day. Boo!! I understand completely her dilemma, no hard feelings, Helen! I will just miss you pushing me to go faster. I am always behind her. Of course she has a big weimeraner(sp?) to pull her along (ha, ha). I might enlist Ivey to run/walk it with me. She can't run the whole thing, but I think it would be fun for her to go and participate. I don't really care about time and all, it is just something fun to do.
(I think)

Today is my last day keeping Avery. She is going to a church daycare starting next week. I will appreciate the extra time for my kids and myself, I will miss her. I pray she does well adjusting to a new place and new faces. I will miss not seeing her learn to walk. She hasn't crawled yet either. She turns 1 on Halloween, but I think she will just start walking. She will run you down in her walker. But, she will not move from her spot on the floor. She turns on her bottom 360 degrees, but will not attempt to crawl. If you make her try, she gets really mad with you.

My sister-in-law dropped by for a visit today. It was a nice visit. She is in a different season from me these days. She at one time was homeschooling and keeping a baby. Now her kids go to school and she works the weekend shift doing CT scans. She said today:" I like working okay, it just really interferes with life." It made for a good laugh.

We have out of town guests this weekend. A couple coming from Alabama to visit New City. They may come and be apart of our church and lend a hand before too long. THAT would be awesome. He wants to plant a church in the future, but needs to learn how to be a "risk taker". That is a must for an ACTS 29 church planter. (seriously)

Elijah is very excited about today being THE day for a sleepover. He and his Daddy have planned to sleep on the pullout sofa tonight and he is just tickled about it. (Are you giggling with me?) I posted a countdown calendar to our vacation on the frig for ELijah to mark the days and they posted this day on it as their special sleepover. Ya' never know what is going to thrill these kids!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here is an incredibly horrifying crash at a recent race...ya know we LOVE motocross!!

Thankfully, here is the guy four days later...WOW!

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Weekend

This weekend was one of the best we've had in awhile. Although, it was a tiring night being down at the 567 for Gertrude's Mojo. When Keith arrived home he found us all in "his bed". We were comfortably watching tv and just chillin'. I think he wished everyone had been in their own beds and he could have just tuck himself in...ha, ha! Okay, so I was being lazy. It WAS Friday night!

Saturday we all pitched in (hurrah!) and had the entire house clean in 2 hrs. My back was very grateful and then we had the rest of the day to do other things like...finish a sermon, read, get some groceries and make a dessert.

Saturday night we went to Shea and Katie's house for dinner with Chuck and Emily Hooten and the Jones'. We had a great time catching up and getting to know the ones we didn't know very well. the guys kicked back at the table after dinner while the ladies sat amongst some "not so happy/whiny/tired kiddos." I looked at Keith once and said "don't you dare try and go to Starbucks buddy!" (He laughed) Even so, it was fun and one great thing about it was that when we left it was not late, so we didn't get in the bed too late for our Sat. night... ya know, pastor's families are supposed to go to bed early on Sat. night, it's a law I think, or should be.

Sunday morning, Chuck led worship - which was awesome! The day was great and we enjoyed lunch at El Azteca. Yum! Right in the middle of the meal, Lilly(Chuck and Emily's daughter) had to go potty. When she returned, she gladly reported to everyone (really just to Daddy, but we all heard LOUD and CLEAR) "Daddy, I pooped!", don't ya just love 'em! It was great to see them and catch up. Can't wait to do it again.!

Okay...on a different note...the book I am reading:
3 truths regarding the sin nature:
1. Your child is born sinful. It doesn't take long to figure this one out, especially if you volunteer in the nursery and console a child who gets clobbered in the head for no reason, or kids fight over toys, or lie, or steal...
2. Sin is bound in the heart of your child. It is rooted in his very nature. (fixed or settled)
3. Sin is not a laughing matter. Sometimes it is REALLY hard not to laugh at our children when they are blatantly sinning. However, we shouldn't make light of the things that God sent His Son to die for. We may think it is cute when they are 2, but not when they are 5 or older. I am guilty of this over and over, and I should not have allowed it to go unreconciled.
Bottom line: Behavior is not the basic issue. It is always what is going on in the heart. Luke 6:45 says" The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks. "
**Behavior is simply what alerts you to your child's need for correction.

Watson Look-alike Meter

Okay, I know that is not his Mom or Dad, but I wanted to see if he really did look more like Robby...and he does! Which should mean he looks more like his Daddy! This was fun...

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Familytree - Roots

Watson Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Geneology - Blank family tree

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I haven't posted much on my Daddy lately. I guess I feel like you've heard enough and I don't want to ask too much of you. How crazy is that?
Anyway, he continues to take chemo every other week. He has finished radiation until he has another scan, not sure when that will be. He will have chemo through the end of this year. Right now he is running a fever, so pray that it is nothing serious. Even a minor infection can be a setback. He is a little unstable and weak on his feet. He is also dealing with side effects of, pimple like bumps all over his head which itch like crazy. They also bleed fairly easily too. There are a lot of side effects that irritate him on a daily basis, but you don't hear about them from him. He has taken all of this so well,bless his heart!
Yesterday, he went to a cow sale to see about some of his own cows and they called Mom concerned about him. He had chills and wasn't looking so good. He did make it back home and was running fever.
They have recovered mostly from the wreck a couple of weeks ago, but Mom is dealing with some pain in her neck at night. The other "pain" she is dealing with is the car rental and working out details to hopefully put them back in another car of their own.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Anybody else out there wish for more time to read all of the great books just waiting to be enjoyed??
I had hoped to finish some before school started, but it just didn't happen! Shucks! ugh!

On a better note...things are really busy @ the 567 cafe...last Sat. night was Crankin Daddies, coming soon is Gertrude's mojo, poetry reading tonight, and it continues every weekend for the month of August and then we have 1st Friday.

We are really excited to have
Chuck Hooten leading worship this Sunday at New City. He is an old friend from SEBC in Birmingham. So it will be a great weekend full of fellowship!

Congratulations to Helen and Keisha who both became Aunt's yesterday! Both babies are big, healthy boys.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Godly Talk or Gossip?
Melanie Chitwood

“Tell the older women to behave as those who love the Lord should.
They must not gossip about others or be slaves of wine.
They must teach what is proper.” Titus 2:3 (CEV)


Have you ever said words such as: “I’m just telling you this so you will pray for her,” or “I’m really not supposed to share this; just don’t tell anyone else.” Truthfully, I’ve been guilty of trying to hide gossip with words like this, but God has really been convicting me lately about my words. Specifically, God is challenging me to speak godly words. Now that this subject of godly words is on my heart, it seems that God is bringing verses and life-lessons about this topic wherever I turn.

As I drove home from Bible study, I realized that God had used my friend Debbie that night to deliver one of those life-lessons about godly words. Out of all the discussions that night, Debbie’s words were the ones that stayed with me. Her words had pointed me to a deeper understanding of God, so much so that I wrote them in my journal and even shared them with another friend.

Over the ten years I’ve know her, I’ve learned many lessons about godly words from Debbie. First, I’ve never heard her gossip about another woman. The definition of gossip is “idle talk; rumor; talk of a personal, sensational, or intimate nature.” In Titus 2:3 we women are instructed not to be “malicious gossips.” God knew that we women might struggle with our words. Debbie has never even hinted at gossiping about another woman. That’s an amazing track record.

The second lesson about godly words from Debbie has been the way she talks about her husband and her marriage. We’ve had many honest conversations about our marital challenges. Once again, Debbie has never gossiped about her husband. Even at times when she’s been angry or frustrated with her husband, she doesn’t berate him or share details that would embarrass him.

Finally, one of the keys to Debbie’s godly words is in the amount she speaks. She is neither overly quiet nor overly talkative. The words she says are wise and point me to God. Her example in the amount she speaks teaches me to ask myself: Do I really need to say anything in this situation, or do I just want to hear myself talk?

I’m very much a work-in-progress in this area of godly talk. I’ve spent plenty of time lately confessing the sin of my ungodly talk, and I’m thankful for my heavenly Father who doesn’t give up on me but calls me to His standards. I’ll end with two things that are really helping me in this area. I have a friend who is also working on this and we hold each other accountable. And I have a question that I’m trying to use as a guideline for godly talk: Are my words going to lead to gossip or to God?

Dear Lord, You know what’s in my heart and You know that godly talk is something that’s challenging to me. Lord, I want to honor You with my words. I want to be a woman who can be trusted by others not to harm them, and I want to be trusted by You, Lord, to speak only what honors You. Make me aware of situations or people who might tempt me to gossip, and give me the strength to avoid these situations. Lord, if I sin with my words, convict me, cause me to repent, and to have a change of heart, a heart that wants what You want. In Jesus’ name, Amen.
This post from my friend, Traci (a pastor's wife), was something that I just had to share with my friends. I think too often we forget how our God can and in fact, does heal. So read and be reminded of how great our God is!
"I am so thankful, so amazed, and really having a hard time finding the right words to express how I feel! My son just returned from youth camp and he came back without his glasses. He had terrible eyesight, previously, and the eye doctor had told me it would only get worse. Well, God thought differently.
During a service at the youth camp, the speaker was telling about someone in his church that received healing for their eyesight. While he was saying this, someone sitting next to my son decided to lay hands on my son's eyes and pray for him. My son said that a couple of minutes later, he noticed that his eyes were "focusing." He took off his glasses and he could see everything perfectly. He is normally a shy type who does not like to draw attention to himself, but he decided this was worth sharing, so he stood up in the middle of the service and got the speaker's attention to tell him that his eyes were healed! They called him up front and thanked God for the miracle.
Today, my husband and I tested his eyesight by having him read things and describe things that are far away. Before, he could not even tell who was in the same room with him without his glasses and words would appear as a big, dark spot. Today, however, he described and read everything perfectly WITHOUT his glasses!!! In fact, he could read things that my husband could not even read, and my son's eyesight had been WORSE than my husband's eyesight. We are absolutely amazed by God and rejoicing over what has happened! Needless to say, my son has been asked by a lot of people to pray for their eyesight and he is having a blast sharing what God has done. Thank You, Lord! (As I type this, he is watching the T.V. from across the room, and he is NOT squinting to see!)"

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Kim Hill, this is for you....Can i just say that I LOVE "mountain spring" Tide! I have been walking around gettin' all up close to the family sniffin' the good smell. Ahhh...

Today we went to Indian Springs State Park for the Ivey family reunion. This park is thought to be the oldest in the nation.
This is probably the only time my Ivey will ever be in a room with 4 other girls or women named Ivey. The first time Ivey saw another girl with the same name, she said she was going to "take her down!" I think there were around 200 people there today.
There was one couple there who each carried a parrot on their shoulder. And guess what? They(the parrots) had on diapers! Then when I went up to speak to the lady, she pulled a parrotlet out of her shirt.

Yes, she was carrying a bird in her shirt. It was a small (5 inches) bird with a diaper. I wanted to pet it and it bit the mess out of my finger. It wasn't so cute after that! All in all we had fun and even won a couple of door prizes.

Tonight, Keith will be down at the 567 for the "crankin daddies" to play at the cafe. I will be home getting kiddos down early i hope.

And to Page and jason...Chuck Hooten will be in Macon next weekend and he will lead our worship!!! If you would care to join the festivities and hang out with us, you are invited!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The High Calling of Motherhood

"Moms, we need to be reminded of the awesome responsibility that God has given us. Being a mom is more than being cook, chauffeur, maid, counselor, doctor, referee, disciplinarian, etc. (just to name a few). It's about molding character, building confidence, nurturing, training, and guiding. A mother's influence has enormous potential to shape the person a child becomes, for good or ill. We must respond to this responsibility with passion. "
I read this in a book called, "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman. I confess that I have gotten a bit lax on following through with godly discipline, training in righteousness and such. I am under conviction and desire to change my lazy way. I typically do not like to read things that will challenge me to the point that I feel overwhelmed by things I am not doing right. You know, like I know that I have totally screwed up this child and when they grow up all of their problems fall to the fact that I messed up.
Well, I can't let that keep me from being obedient. I want to train correctly and I am re-committing to doing it and doing it well. Pray for me not to lose sight of the real goal, to be strong and diligent. It is not easy. In fact it is incredibly hard to train up a child. I, on my own, will most definitely fail.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

WOW! What a day...

Get a call around 9:45am from Mom saying "we've been involved in a car wreck, can you come help us?" (as she is crying.)
So, I am shaking as I grab my purse and head out to Mom and Dad. Here's what I see when I pull up to the accident scene...

Thankfully, after being checked out at the hospital, there were no injuries. They both had the airbags hit them hard in the chest, they are very sore and Mom's knees are really banged up with some cuts on them. The lady in the other car was also not hurt, she was at fault because she tried to turn in front of them. (going the same direction and she never saw them beside her on a 3 lane road, so she hit them in the front side and sent them into this pole.) Their car is totalled. Daddy was on his way to a chemo treatment, but didn't make it today. We are all really, really thankful no one was seriously injured...thankful for that big suburban!!

on a lighter note, here is what we do with pipe cleaners at our house... a bug with REALLY big glasses...

yep, we are one creative bunch!!
It's Thursday! I left the house to run with Helen at 6am and was amazed to see kids waiting by the road for the 6am!!! How crazy is that?

Keith told me this morning that he was "attacked" by a roach in his sleep last night. I am chuckling on the inside as I write this, because he HATES roaches. He didn't know what it was until this morning when he saw it dead next to the bed. hee, hee, hee...guess I'll be spraying today :)

I started the "clean out homeschool closet" yesterday. It was an all day job. I really am not done, but ya know when you get started it takes so much longer. Things get into such messes during the year and my desk is the catch all...but I love getting done and admiring the organization. And thanks to Kristie for the neat idea to hang a pocket organizer on the back of the closet for all of the pencils, pens, markers, glue, rulers,etc. I love that idea!

Ivey had her 8th guitar lesson last night. She LOVES it! She even wrote a song this week and played it for Jonathan. It sounds great. She would love to take 2 lessons each week and I hope she feels that way for a long time. I am so glad she is enjoying music! She listens to her mp3 player all the time and enjoys sitting in her room strumming new things. She watches people play so she can pick up things that they are doing. It's exciting to me,because I know how comforting music can be at times...just playing. I used to get upset or mad about something and I would sit down at the piano and play for awhile. It made me feel so much better.

ok, so hopefully you are not going "blah, blah, blah" about now :)

One more thing, Keith has come home everyday this week to tell me something really cool that God is doing through the 567 cafe and New City. We knew going into this that God wanted to do incredibly crazy and awesome things and He has shown proof of that over and over already! What an awesome God we serve!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Some of you may know that I have been keeping 2 babies for almost a year now. Harrison just turned one in July and he came to stay with me when his mommy returned to work after. I will continue to watch him until? I have also been keeping Avery since her Mom returned to work after maternity leave. Avery is 10 months old. I won't be keeping Avery much longer because God has revealed to me that I need to devote more time to our 3 children to school them this year. So, after this month things will change.
I am also tossing the idea around of teaching piano. I am excited about this possibility. I have always thought that at some point I would teach, but I have always had toddlers around and just didn't think it was possible. But now that our kids are older, it just may work. we'll see...

Ya know, sometimes decisions are just tough. Especially when they involve your kiddos. We are trying to decide where Robby should play football this year. Why is it such a big deal to me? I want to do the right thing. I know that God directs our every step and I don't want to make a wrong move. What to do? What is the best for Robby, regardless of our feelings? And why do adults have to act like children?

just thinking out loud...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday, the fam took a day off to go downtown and eat lunch, browse the music store and tour a beautiful loft! We had a great time together and really would love to sell our home and buy this loft. It is awesome! It backs up to the 567 cafe and the theatre, which would make the commute to work real easy for Keith. So, we are seriously talking selling the house and making a move! Check out a few pics from the place...

Friday, August 1, 2008

Can you say "X GAMES"!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Shark week"...oh, please! Now this is real danger!

First place trick is called "electric doom"

These guys are crazy! But it is sooo much fun to watch. One guy tried a front flip last night and did not make it. He has they think some compressed vertebra!?!

Jim Dechamp front flip attempt (click on his name to view the video)

You see, he had never done this landing on dirt, only in a foam pit...

Anyhoo, we love watching this!... x games summer and x games winter