Saturday, June 28, 2008

We're home, and it has already hit! You know the moment you return home all of your relaxation and good aahhs are zapped right from ya. maybe it's just me...

Puppy has to have strict training right now to get back to pottying like she is supposed to. (got a call while I was in the grocery store this morning.."where are the clorox wipes to clean up the puppy crap?"
Pray for Keith to have wisdom and strength as a pastor and shepherd. Pray, pray!!

Daddy can still use alot of prayer.

I'm so thankful for you guys!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today was another awesome day in Vail! Our schedule has allowed us to sleep in and meet at 10am for coffee and pastries before worship and study. Our speakers have been so encouraging and just LOVE the gospel. We talked about how the gospel impacts our marriage and that marriage is to reflect the gospel. I will share more on my notes when I get home. Afterwards we went to the gardens and enjoyed salads, huge sandwiches and huge cookies for dessert. I enjoyed the largest, sweetest raspberries that I have ever tasted! Yum!!

Then I was treated by Keith to a massage at the ARIA spa here at the resort. It was absolutely wonderful. I was so relaxed when I returned to our room, that we never made it outside before dinner.
We then enjoyed dinner treated by our regional director. We had dinner with 6 great couples at a place called Lancelot. I had tuna sushi for the first time and it was really good. The food was delicious, I will be going on a serious diet when we get home. But the best part was sharing vision, encouragement, insight in ministry, our strengths, weaknesses and what we love about Acts 29 network. I love it! Of course this week has been awesome, but the love, encouragement, passion for the gospel, desire for husbands to love their wives/wives to love their husbands and respond in all is so overwhelming! I cannot put into words what this week has meant to our marriage and our ministry.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Acts 29 Pastors Retreat in Vail CO

We arrived in Denver on Monday about 1:30 pm, rented a car and drove to Vail...what a breathtaking view! I have never enjoyed a 2 hour drive more than this. The weather temp changed from 80 degrees to 46 degrees, to 52 and back up to 76 by the time we arrived at the resort. We saw snow on the mountains...up close! Drove down steep roads where there were emergency lanes for runaway trucks with no brakes. We drove through the Eisenhower! It is gorgeous here! Our view is breathtaking and out our deck door is the Gore Creek which has these beautiful rapids flowing down. We met everyone in the ballroom last night for delicious appetizers and drinks and then had a huge feast of South of the border foods. It was so relaxing and enjoyable. I will blog more about today when we return from sightseeing in Vail Village. I LOVE being an Acts 29 church planter!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Up with the baby

12:38 am I hear yelping and crying from the wee wiener puppy. I go downstairs to her kennel to check on her and take her out...she had to do some business! "good girl!"

12:45 am we come back inside and she is still upset and shaking from being all by her little self (she has been held constantly since we got her, just like a baby) so, I decide to sleep on the couch with her so she doesn't wake everyone else up. She LOVES it! She is up under my neck and then later on she is under my arm all snuggled up. She did really well, so tonight she can sleep with Robby. She slept until 8am with me...just like a baby!

She is such a cutie and loves to play...right now she is sitting next to Ivey chewing on her shorts.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome our newest pet!
Robby has been wanting a dachshund for sometime now and we finally found one that was affordable. So, this is his early birthday present...Lady. She is really a cutie! Especially running behind our greyhound.
yes, I guess you could say that we like pets! Everyone in the family now has their own. Keith and I share Streak.

But, I am starting to feel like the woman who has 10 kids and when she is out in public, people make cruel comments to voice their opinion and disdain. Why? Is it a crime to have more than 2 pets??? It is not like we allow them to roam free through people's yards or have stinky smells coming from our home. We love our pets, take good care of them and they provide us with love and alot of fun. Since we are home everyday, they get lots of attention. So, why do others feel like it is a crime? Comments such as: "that's quite an entourage you have there", and "you've got a regular animal farm going" and "we came to see the newest member of your petting zoo". They all have their rabies shots, are wormed and healthy, what is the big deal!! Can anyone enlighten me??

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...doubly blessed!

This Dad is #1! I watched him just yesterday try to find time to work on his sermon(he is almost always done before Friday, but this week has proved tough to find time to finish up). He would sit down with the computer and work and then one of the children would ask for his attention. He took Ivey to the barn to hang an "apple lick", took Elijah to buy a part to fix peewee, went to Walmart with me... If this had been me, I would have been in a royal mood because I couldn't finish the project right away. But Keith didn't huff, slam down his books (surprisingly..ha, ha just kidding) he smiled and said let's go! I am thankful for my husband...a wonderful father to our children.
It is also such a blessing and pure miracle that I am blessed to celebrate Father's Day this year with my Daddy. There have been times over this past yr during his battle with cancer that we didn't know how much longer he would be with us. Daddy looks great, he is sweet as ever (Mom says he is a bit cranky at times...who would blame him having chemo and all) and I love seeing him like I did on Friday - he was sitting under a huge oak tree in their yard enjoying a Johnny V's burger. It made me smile. These days he stays out in the hot weather more than in the house because he has gotten really cold natured. I was wondering where he was the other day and Mom said he was out in the swing taking a nap because he said the house was freezing. (too funny)

I pray that all of us who still have our Daddy's with us, won't take a moment with them for granted. Hope you enjoy your Daddy today!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ivey's first horse show

Well, here are some pics from Ivey's first show. Everything went so well! She got 3 ribbons...2nd, 3rd, and 4th. She had alot of fun and cannot wait to do it again...hopefully in cooler weather. All of the grandparents were there to cheer her on, along with Carley, Uncle Jeff and our boys. A great day and I now know she is obsessed with her horse. I am so glad to see how God has brought more confidence out of her and given her back the love for horses that she lost a bit of during her accident (dog attack). God is still healing all of the wounds, but thankfully He is healing Ivey...inside and out.

On another note...Ivey got the guitar case and now Robby was given $20. God blessed Robby at VBS with this gift, I don't know why other than God wanted Robby to know He was loved and cared for as well. God is SO awesome!!! (The man that gave the gift said it was because Robby was the middle child) Keith was standing there and he wanted to say, " I am a middle child too!" LOL

Right now I am all alone except for a sleeping baby who leaves me in one hour. Our kids are spending the night away at Keith's parents place. THey were invited to come and swim and celebrate Tanner's birthday. Woohoo...I hope and pray that we can have a date night and the house to ourselves for just a little bitty bit... :)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


God did something awesome today for my girl! (His girl)...we met Keith downtown for lunch today and then scooted over to a pawn shop to look for some was a guitar case for Ivey. She will start lessons soon and wanted to buy for herself a case to carry her guitar in. We walked in and asked if they had any. The lady showed us one for 99.00, but said it was 79.00 and it was brand new. Then a guy behind the counter said hello to Keith and introduced himself as a member of our former church. He asked us a couple of questions and then disappeared for a few minutes. He comes back with a case and starts cleaning it up. He shows it to Ivey and says, "How's this one look to you?" She says good and he tells her "It's yours!" We all looked at one another and just smiled. He said, "That's just what Christians should do when they are able." He also told her that he had been praying for her when she had the surgeries on her arm. He told her that her arm looked great and she just grinned and thanked him for the case. Once again, she has seen the wonderful provision of God, her loving Father, who cares about every detail in her life. What an incredible blessing!!We hope one day to have Ivey up with the band playing during worship!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What the church has done wrong is that it has created these ‘holy huddles’ of Christian magazines, music and schools that have set them apart from the world because the world is bad,” said Mr. Beckemeier, who grew up in an evangelical family. “Instead of doing what Christ did, and bring light to the world, they retreat from it.”

I read this today as part of an article I found on Keith's blog. It sums up our own thoughts and gives insight into why we are an Acts 29 church planter. You can read the entire article here.

If you want to read about the Acts 29 doctrine, click here.

Definitely check this out.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Missy, Cassie, Streak and bookshelves

Ivey has a new kitten to replace our sweet Ladybug...her name is Missy and she came from our friend Anny who got her, but found out she is allergic to cats. (lucky us)

Ivey is practicing hard for her first show this Saturday!! Pray for her as she prepares, for her nerves and most of all to have a blast!!

This is what Streaks likes to do when she can have the couch all to herself, which is usually when we don't know she is on it!! What a life!
Here is Keith's latest accomplishment at the 567 CAfe. This is his desk/office space where he has his books to study. He made these bookshelves from scratch! They look great!! He secretly wants to be a carpenter:)