Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We are definitely missing the "man of the house"! We can't wait for him to return home, but we are so glad that he has the opportunity to go and soak in from awesome mentors.

SO, I thought that I would post the idea from Keisha's blog about 10 things I love about "you". She did her kiddos, so I will too.
First up: Ivey
(1) She is a super duper helper! She doesn't complain when I ask her to help out.
(2) She has a sweet spirit about her and discerns things about others around her.
(3) She is concerned about the lost around her.
(4) She LOVES going to Starbucks with her Daddy and getting a double chocolate chip caramel/chocolate drizzled frappuccino.
(5) She get really, really hyper around 10pm. That is when she wants to talk, talk, talk.
(6) Ivey loves animals and will have a gazillion when she is grown up and has a place of her own.
(7) She wants to be an equine vet.
(8) She is alot like my Momma and has been very concerned about her Papa Lynn since he began this battle with cancer.
(9) She can be a little bossy with her brothers, so she'll make a good momma one day..:)
(10) She is a HUGE bookworm, will read late at night, in the tub, while she is eating, in the car...all of them about horses!

Robby: (1) He looks alot like his Daddy, which makes him such a cutie!
(2) He has a compassionate and sensitive spirit (like his Daddy)
(3)Get him on a football field and he is FIERCE! I love to watch him play!! (Just like his Daddy)
(4) He is a daredevil. He was riding without training wheels at age 3...he has had a broken leg, broken clavicle, two sets of stitches to prove it!!
(5) He loves babies and is my biggest helper during the week with my babies I watch.
(6) He loves to give hugs and kisses, always has been a snuggler.
(7) He loves history. I catch him watching History channel all the time (just like his Daddy)...boring... and he can remember so many things.
(8) He wants to be a pro football player.
(9) He liked to have put a hole in my belly when I was pregnant with him, kicking sooo hard. It was a painful pregnancy...and at 8lbs 15oz, it was a painful delivery too. :)
(10) He can make a friend so easily, I think because he has always been able to strike up a conversation with anybody at anytime.


(1) Funnyboy!!!
(2) He is beautiful and has been since the first day we saw him! I love his dark, jet black hair and brown eyes.
(3) I didn't get to carry him in my tummy for 9 months, but I did carry him in my heart for 2 years waiting and praying for this child.
(4) He is my late sleeper and is not easy to get up early...unless it is Christmas.
(5) he is a snuggle bunny too! He loves to get and give kisses
(6) He calls me his "princess" and he will bow down on one knee and give me flowers everytime he can find one.
(7) He has a special kitty named Maisy who loves Elijah, she will come up to him and give him kisses. She will lay down in front of him while he is riding his bike and he will ride circles around her and she loves it. I have caught him laying in the yard on his stomach and she is laying between his legs.
(8) He loves to read books with us at night. Love doing that!
(9) He talks about Jesus on the cross alot.
(10) He loves to sing songs...he has no problem singing along in the car to whatever we are listening to...loves the Passion cd and Rush of Fools.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Watch what you say...

Keith was pulling into the yard on Saturday and was met by a little girl who lives across the street. She said, "Hey, Mr. Watson! My Mom is sooo nice. "
"Oh,yeah...why is that?" (Keith says)
"She told us we could come over to your house and play today to stay out of my grandparents hair while she went to work."
"Yeah, she sure is nice." (he says)
...this is from a sweet little girl who comes over as often as she can, and we are beginning to understand why she is allowed to visit us so often... She talks NONSTOP and asks a kajillion questions. Thank you Lord for growing my patience. :)

Boohoo...hubby left this morning for Manhattan and the Dwell conference. I know he is excited to be able to attend, but we both hate to leave each other and the kiddos.


Saturday, April 26, 2008

How many times a week do you cook and eat out?
I probably cook meals 5-6 nights a week, not including breakfast and lunch. I try to cook a hot breakfast 3 mornings a week. Friday night we may order in or pick something up fast food. Sometimes we go out on Sundays, but it is really expensive as the kids are getting older. Ivey and I will split a meal to cut the cost and we usually order water to drink. I try to find coupons to use when we go. Also, Monday nights some restaurants offer free kids meals or 1.99 with an adult meal.

What is your family's favorite dinner?
Grilled salmon and chicken, baked potato, salad and french bread.

Do you have a fast and easy recipe that you use frequently?
Tater Tot Casserole is my new favorite, very quick and easy!!

What kind of snack and drinks do you keep on hand for your kids?
Koolaid, water, tea
popsicles, frozen treats, apples, yogurt, chocolate chip cookies, grapes

How do you break up the house work?
I do laundry on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday mornings are for dusting and vacuuming and bathrooms. We all pitch in and get it done quick as possible. The kids chores during the week consist of unloading the dishwasher, emptying trash cans, feeding pets, bringing down dirty laundry, cleaning their rooms,( I don't require them to make up their beds) (unless company is coming), schoolwork, picking up pine cones in the yard. Robby earns extra $$ by cutting the grass and helping me with the babies during the week.

When do you get it done?
I like Keisha's schedule and may try it during the summer when we are out of school. But right now this schedule is best for us.

Do you have any tips for getting it done faster/easier?
Don't do it all yourself. Include the kids in the daily chores even those in school can help out on the weekends and it gets done faster. (hopefully) Sometimes, though...it gets put off because of ball games and the fun stuff. My biggest help is to have a list of to-do's and I love, love checking them off!!

Stick to a schedule.. it just works better for me

Do you guys have a bedtime routine?
Yes, we usually give Elijah a bath between 8:30 & 9pm. Then he is read to and put to bed. Keith and I switch off daily with him. Robby and Ivey take their showers starting at 9pm and who goes first depends on the date...odd days are Robby (because his birthday is an odd #) Ivey has the even days. This is the only way it works for us without arguing who's night to go 1st. I say prayers with Ivey, Keith says prayers with Robby and we give them all kisses and tuck them in for the night. Ivey stays up and reads until she is told to turn out her light because we cannot sleep!!.LOL! Oh, yeah and Keith has to take Streak out for her last walk of the day :)

What is a typical day like for you all?
My day starts around 6:30 if I have a baby coming at 7:30am. I am up before anyone and enjoy the time to myself. I keep Avery 7:30-4pm once a week, two days 1:30-5pm; Harrison comes Monday from 8-2:30, Tues and Thurs 8 - 12:30. I help the kids with school while babies are sleeping or taking bottles. My kids wake up between 8 and 9:30, Elijah likes to sleep in the longest. Usually we can finish up school by 1 or 2pm, then after chores are completed they can play the rest of the day. I will do laundry, dishes, straighten up after school. Keith is usually home by 5:30 and we eat by 6:30 unless we have a game. Ivey has a riding lesson Wed. mornings and Friday is our family day.

What kind of staples do you keep stocked in your kitchen?
sugar, bread, milk, cheese, cereal...cause if there is nothing else to eat, we can eat cereal!! I try to keep it stocked for at least one more meal.

How often do you go to the grocery store?
I make one big trip every 2 weeks and usually go back once in between for milk or something.
I do best with a meal list for at least a week, including breakfast, lunch and snacks. I make that and then make my grocery list. This way I spend less $$, know what coupons I need, have meals planned and don't have to guess what I can throw together each night.

Do you have a special day for running errands or is it just when you need to?
I will go early in the mornings, or after babies leave for the day. Wednesday afternoon is a good day for me.

Do you and Keith share any of the household responsibilities?
Keith cuts the grass and other outside chores now since my back KILLS me if I do it. He also tries to vacuum for me most of the time. The kids help with their rooms too. I really try to get most of it done before he comes home. He has enough on his plate right now.

What's your best organization tip?
For the kitchen: Make a meal plan/make a grocery list from it/use mygrocerydeals.com for the best deals in your area.
For household chores: make a list and stick to it
*** I have also found this very helpful: On Sunday afternoon I will get out my calendar and list the days of the week on a sheet of paper. I write down under each day everything on the calendar, then if I have errands I try to fit those in at the best times. I can take a look at it each day to know what is coming for tomorrow.

What is your favorite cleaner(s)?
well, duh...a maid!
seriously, for the bathroom tub & shower...the best product I have ever found for soap scum is Scrubbing Bubbles spray!! The lemon scent smells good. You do have to rub down the walls some but it does get it clean.

How do you keep track of all of your events/to do? Big board list, fridge list, family calendar?
I have a purse calendar that covers all our events/babies/appts. Cannot live without it!!

* I have Really enjoyed reading all of these question and answers from my friends! I have picked up a lot of tips too!! If you're reading this.. consider yourself "IT"!!! lol!!
I thought while I had a little coffee I would update the blog. So, here it goes...

Ivey, RObby and Keith are facebook freaks now. I clearly see that I am too old for that, so I don't. We do monitor their stuff, but their friends are people at our church and cousins mostly.

Ivey is preparing for a horse show on MAy 10th so she is keeping me busy going back and forth to the barn. Vet came on Thursday for shots and coggins,... not cheap! BTW, Tony killed the big snake!! (Still looking for the baby)

Keith leaves Monday for Manhattan and an Acts 29 conference called Dwell: Urban church planting and speakers include Tim Keller, Mark Driscoll, Ed Stetzer, CJ Mahaney, Darin Patrick and Eric MAson. He is going with a guy in our church and I hope they have a great time.

When he comes back I leave the next day for homeschool conference in Atlanta and I will be gone for 2 nights. I am looking forward to some Momma time and fellowship with other Moms.

Both boys have games today. RObby wants to sign up for All stars...

Oh, ELijah is our little comedian and his latest phrase is crackin me up (some of you may think ahem, that is just disrespectful, but the way he says it you know he is not) Sometimes he will look at me after I do something crazy and say" You Crazy Woman!" and the way he emphasizes woman is hilarious! I'm tellin ya, he is soooo funny!

I have a gazillion things on my to do list... time to get going

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on Daddy

Daddy is once again back from Atlanta after his latest procedure to remove tumors from his liver, he had 2 large enough to use ablation on. He stayed overnight, but is now back at home resting and in some pain. Last week he came home from the Macon hospital late Wednesday afternoon after being treated for an abscess in his liver. He also received some chemo by IV while there. So, from here I think he continues with chemo until his next scan. It's a daily battle...but! God is Good!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Something to look forward to!

Keith and I are so excited to be invited to attend a Lead Planters Retreat in June! We will be staying at the Vail Cascade Resort and Spa (www.vailcascade.com) WOoHOo!!!!! As a part of the Acts 29 network we will be able to spend time with other pastors/wives on a strictly social level, getting to know one another and fellowship. This is one just fabuloso way that Acts 29 blesses its church planters. We can't wait! Praying now for healthy children and parents!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Great news, Daddy is coming home today! Yay! Hopefully he will get some rest and be up on his feet again soon. He really gets weak when he is not active, and of course he slept most of his time in the hospital since he was fighting an infection. Not sure when they will be able to do the ablation on his tumors.

Bad news, ELijah had his 5yr checkup and had to get 4 SHOTS! Yuck! But he was a real trooper. He saw those 4 shots lines up on the tray when the nurse walked in and his eyes got really big. He sat as still as he could and then we when were done he asked, "no more shots tomorrow?" I told him no more for several yrs! He then picked Duncan Doughnuts for his treat, yum!!

(Keisha- David Cook was awesome last night, wasn't he??!!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

YAY! We won our first game!! After 7 losses, it was a very pleasant ending to a game against the Cubs! Our team the dodgers played their hearts our last night and it was an exciting game. Robby had 2 great catches for outs and made a really good hit. Way to go Dodgers!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's 2pm and it feels like it should be about 6pm. Today was my early day to keep babies and Avery is still with me but thankfully taking a little nap. She and Harrison are good babies, just don't feed Harrison in front of Avery because she will let you know just how unhappy she is!

Daddy is now fever free for 2 days! He will probably not come home until Wednesday. They really don't know what the fever was coming from but they filled him full of antibiotics to kill any infection he may have.

Great day at New City yesterday. We had several new families join us for worship! Great message from the Word on worship and how Jesus is the center of our worship, our mission for the church and will be the central to everything we do as a church. We worship THE Son of the Living God, THE Christ!

Ya know, I love, love to read and so does our family...but I really don't like to make trips to the library. If they only delivered!

I really wish my dog would stop sniffing my friend's behinds! Can't visit with anyone unless they sit down. I guess she (Streak) can't help how tall she is and where her nose sits in comparison with people's bodies. At least she doesn't pee on their legs, I guess.

Friday, April 11, 2008

So, what's new? Well, Ivey had an awesome riding lesson this morning. She is working hard to be ready for her first show in May. Corrie took her through a course and Ivey and Cassie did really well. You never know how they will do at the show, Corrie said that even an Olympic rider got a zero at their halt and salute because the horse didn't do it correctly. Freak thing I guess. But it is good experience and Ivey is excited about the opportunity.

After the lesson, we hosed Cassie down and I walked over to the little stream next to the barn to grab a handful of green, lush clover and stopped dead in my tracks when I spotted a snake wiggle into the water. AAGGHH! A small (baby) water moccasin, so I ran into the barn and yelled for Tony (the barn guy) he said "yeah, I saw a really big one the other day sunning on a rock. The one your son always plays on!!" What?! And why did you not kill it immediately??!! "I been after 'em," he said. We then walk over to the rock since it was a different spot than where i saw the baby and I SAW THE MOMMA!! Wriggling away from me under the rock into the water. He was not nearly as uptight as I thought he should be, for the sake of me, the kids, and our horse. I'm praying he'll have them gone before I come back.

My Dad is in the hospital as of last night with some type of infection. He is running high fever with bad chills. Hopefully they will get it under control and he will be able to recover from this so he can have the ablation next Friday on the tumor in his liver. Yes, the biopsy showed the tumor to be cancerous. There are others that are too small at this point, so I guess they are hoping chemo will get them. Bummer...

Oh! Congratulations to Page and Jason Dollar on a new daughter! Mary Dollar was born earlier today and we are so excited about her! I can't wait to get to B'ham and visit asap! Her picture reminds me of Noah a little when he was born. Best of all she came 11 days early instead of 10!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I don't have but a minute to blog before I have to get ready for my 2 babies coming this morning, but I wanted to share dinner from last night. It isn't easy satisfying all of the fam with what you fix for dinner, but it is nice when everyone likes a new dish. Well, I get Menus for Moms each week with new recipes and meal plans. I tried one called tater tot casserole. To me it didn't sound so great, but i made substitutions to suit our tastes and it turned out to be a favorite! Yay! Tater tots, ground beef, cheese, sourcream, cream of chicken and more cheese, 50 minutes and Yummo! Success!! It smelled great cooking too. If you want to the recipe let me know, it is not new I am sure and I may be the last one to know about it, but oh well.

Saw my Dad yesterday, they bought a used travel trailer to take to the lake so he could fish and Mom could relax. It is really nice and they were very excited about it. Mom told me Dad wants ME to give him a buzz cut. He has lost so much of his hair and it is probably best to cut it back really short so it will look a little better. I am not sure I can do that. It is hard to explain. Guess I am just strange...clock is chiming time up...later

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm a little groggy this morning, my morning to sleep in a bit or rather catch up after a few nights with a sick child. ELijah is getting better, he played in his tball game last night. It is so funny watching his team because they all dive for the ball and ELijah loves to slide into the pile and then throw his glove out on the field. I don't think the coaches find it as funny, they look like the bad news bears especially against the awesome team they played last night. those little guys had this chant and move going, wow how did they get them to do that?

Anyhoo, Robby had an RBI last night and made an out at third (he usually plays 3rd base). They have yet to win a game and I hope for those boys, they will win one. It is hard to watch them try so hard and lose.

I love, love the spring and sunshine, it makes my mind work so much better. What an amazing difference it makes! I just can't seem to function as well on cloudy days. Isn't that just crazy!?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not much sleep last night cause I slept with the coughing youngin! He is still running fever and Mom said there is some kind of viral thing going around. Just hope it stops with him.

Good news, Page! Ladybug returned home this morning ready to eat! She has a habit of getting caught inside closets and garages of neighbors.

NCCd had a great service today, bummed that I missed the service and tonight's gospel Christianity class. Blessed that this is the first sickness all winter long!! Our family has stayed well this past cold season! woohoo!!

Dad has his biopsy this Tuesday, will know results in about a week.

Time for bed...

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Glad it is Saturday and First Friday has come and gone. The 567 Cafe had a great turnout! Good coffee, frappuccinos, great music and fellowship. Ivey was making the frapuccinos!
I think Keith will finally get a day off come Monday. (I hope)

The weather was really dreary today, but it made me stay inside and work on NewCity books, taxes, housework, etc. Hated to, but had to do it.

Ladybug our cat is missing! Praying she comes home soon!!

Elijah spent alot of the night coughing and running a bit of fever. He has a hard time with allergies and nosebleeds too. Anyone know how to keep the nosebleeds from happening as much? I had to wash bloody sheets this morning.

Can't wait to see Book of Secrets next weekend at the Capitol Theatre! It was such a good movie and we have been waiting for it to come to the theatre.

I think ELijah may be a tattoo artist when he grows up. He loves, loves to draw things on us and himself and he asks his Daddy to draw tattoos on him all the time. He wrote his name across his belly this morning, had Ivey draw all over his face and has Keith's cross on his arm, not to mention the skull stamp all over his head. He actually stamped Keith on the forehead before Keith realized what he was doing. (Keith was busy working on the computer) It was funny!

Well, gotta go give the cough er a bath before we try and get a little shut-eye.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This morning I woke up completely overwhelmed with my to do list. Things that I put off until I had some time without my babies that I watch. Laundry, vacuuming, riding lesson, groceries, errands to pick up stuff for The 567 cafe (http://www.the567.org/) which opens this Friday night, school lessons, bank deposits, computer entry of checks... Anyway, you get the picture... so I make waffles for the kids because Elijah has been asking for them for several days now.

Keith comes home from the office (surprise) to get the trailer to pick up the ice maker for the cafe and he offers to assist my weary self. Just a little bit of communication makes things alot better. Thank you, Keith for being here when I need you! I was able to take Ivey to her lesson and sit and watch Ivey without chasing ELijah out of the dirt piles, creek and his calling Mommy every few seconds to ask me to look at something. I am trying to listen and pay close attention to Ivey's instructor so that when we are working with her horse, I can offer help when needed.

Ivey did a great job today! She is making progress, gaining much needed confidence in herself while Corrie gently pushes her out of her comfort zone. Ivey has been invited to be a part of a horse show in May, so she is really excited.

I talked with my Mom after Dad's appt today and they were ecstatic to hear the words from the oncologist that the surgeon in Atlanta doesn't think it is cancer in Dad's liver. We will know for sure a week after the biopsy next Tuesday.

So, now I am going to finish my grocery list, change sheets, do laundry and vacuum before Keith gets home....breathe...

...And it's now 7:24 pm and I did make it to Walmart, bank, 2 loads of laundry almost done and dinner cooked. The sheets can wait and tomorrow I'll hit Sam's. But I'm okay with the day. Now Keith is having the bad day with a "just bought" used coffee brewer and ice machine that won't work and he is still not home from the office because of the problems...aagghh!!! See how we switch back and forth.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Well, thankfully the nose issue is getting better, I'm not all swole up. :) (just oozin) gross...

Are there ever times for other mommies when if they hear their name called one more time in a day, they'll scream..."calgon! take me away!" This has been one of those days! A day where the kids end up fighting over who was talking to me first.

On a positive note:My Dad's nurse in Atlanta called them this morning to explain why Dad is having a biopsy done next Tuesday on his liver lesions. The positive news is that the lesions on the PET scan do not look like cancer cells! They will biopsy to see for sure, they may be old lesions from his surgery and may not be cancer tumors at all!! We pray this will be so! This would mean he could possibly finish up his chemo and maybe take a break from this battle. He is feeling better as long as he is not taking chemo, it really wipes him out. He is enjoying fishing with family and friends as much as possible and getting the garden going. It will soon be time for hay, so he needs to be well for lots of tractor rides.