Monday, August 20, 2007

The Lord Will Provide

I have to share with you that God is amazing. The farther into this church plant that we go, the more I see that it is for His glory. I mean every step that is taken, every need that is met, every person that is touched is all for God's glory. He is doing everything in such a way that is only God...only God could orchestrate all of this.!!

Yesterday, Keith was a little nervous about all of the unknowns and the first service quickly approaching. He just was a bit anxious. So, we talked about all of the things that needed to get done, the items that still need to be purchased and it was a rather long list. Then this morning we were talking about big things that we needed to order (divider curtains for the children area) and some other things. We discussed how much money was available to use and all of that. Well, he left for work with uncertainty about how we were going to pay for the big items and well...God already had that figured out and taken care of. Before lunch Keith knew that we had the $ to order these much needed dividers. He also has blessed us with someone who can help look over the technical stuff and help decide what else we will need for that area. AND, someone donated two large brewers for our coffee bar! - no way -

I mean God is taking care of each area, one step at a time, one day at a time and He is not one bit anxious about any of it. You Go God! You are AWESOME!! You are INCREDIBLE! After all You are the I AM!!!!
It also reminds me of when God called Moses, it was God who did all of the amazing things, He only required Moses to be obedient, it was the same when Abraham was called to offer Isaac as a sacrifice. He was required to obey and God did the rest, He provided the lamb.
Wow, what a day in this adventure. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I also thought it was pretty cool that when I was doing my bible study today that I read the verses in Genesis 22 and when I got to verse 14 it said The Lord Will Provide! I thought it was pretty neat that I read that today. Just a simple reminder for me.
So, I probably don't have to tell you that Keith came in on a cloud this afternoon all smiles. (See, I told you :) )

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Check this out!

I just had to post this picture again! I couldn't believe I caught all of these guys in the air at the same time. Noah, Jason, Robby, Keith and Ivey all jumped in together to make a huge splash. What fun! Hey Jason...Keith did a back flip the other night at the pool! whoohoo!!

Aren't they cute?!

I just thought these 2 were so cute...they reminded me of these 2 young kids at SEBC :)Hopefully they will know how to handle a little bubbly when the time comes! Any questions should be referred to Page!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Papa Tidwell

I woke up this morning with Papa on my mind. This month marks 6 yrs. that he has been with the Lord...He died doing one of his favorite things..."playing" in the hay field. I still think of him everyday, so many times during the day and long for his great big hugs when you need them the most. I still remember so well our visits together. We had many breakfasts together....from the time I was old enough to spend the night with them until our own children enjoyed breakfast with them too. No one lathered on the butter on their toast like he did. As bad as his heart was, you couldn't get him to stop that one bad thing. Ivey still talks about how Papa liked mustard in his grits too. Papa was always amazed at how long Ivey waited before she ate her grits...until they were ice cold and she could pick them up with her hands!! ha, ha, yuck! Most mornings we would follow them to the mall and they would walk their walk and then the kids would ride the carousel. The lady who worked it knew them well. then we would head back to their house and eat lunch, watch Little Bear and nap. When snack time came around 3pm, you knew it was time for coca-cola and cheezits! (or ice cream with homemade hot fudge, nuts and cherries!!)
When Papa comes to mind, I always see him smiling that big grin. I loved that! I miss that! i also really miss his huge hugs, the ones that said you are safe and loved. I have so many memories! Swimming at their house, cutting his grass, spending the nights and being scared to death by his snoring!!! I loved going to Shoneys with them, cooking breakfast with Grandmommy when I was small, working around the house with them. I loved their visits with us when we lived in B'ham...Papa loved our old house with the front porch. He loved being Mr fixit! ( the only one ever in our family who loved being mr fixit!!) he loved the odd jobs that required skills that he always could muster. He stayed busy, but he also loved to sit and visit. What a prayer warrior! We all knew that he and Grandmommy lifted their family up every morning. (she still does) I still love to visit with her and just be near her. I know her loss was so much more than ours...I know her grief is still fresh. you cannot live for more than 50 yrs, loving a person and ever get over that.
I'm just so thankful for all of the time together, sometimes doing nothing, but just sitting together. I wish he could have met Elijah and enjoyed him too. I think he would have his hands full with him and Seth. Papa would have been blown away at how much Seth is like his Daddy. HE would have been the one to teach Seth how to swim, not the Nazi swim coach. :)

It's funny the things that I remember and miss the most. I carry those with me like a special treasure that no one can steal or erase. His handprint on our lives is deep and never ending. His faith and love for the Lord, His zeal to share His Lord with others we strive to emmulate. He made an incredible mark on our lives, one that will go on. I often wish he was here to share the journey we are on. to see his excitement over this new church, to be a part of a new opportunity in sharing his love and passion for Jesus Christ. I fall so short in sharing my heart with you, words cannot express my memories, my grief, my longing to see Papa more hug, one more grin! ...One day...:) Thank you Father for giving us Papa!

Monday, August 13, 2007

daddy's appointment today

Daddy and Momma will see a surgeon in Atlanta on August 22nd who specializes in liver surgery and liver cancers. Dad will have a PEt scan done and then see the surgeon to discuss having part of his liver removed. They believe this will produce a better outcome and get rid of the large tumors. The smaller ones may be removed by the radiofrequency ablation. so, we will wait and see what happens on Wednesday. Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Great Friends

I am so glad we took this pic before everyone left for the night. We were tired, our kids cranky (well, the little ones) but we enjoyed being together. In the pic are: Emma, Kim, Lisa, Me, Melissa, page, Ivey,Kristie, Michelle, and Marli.

Time away with friends...aahh!

We spent some time this past week with good friends in Birmingham. It really was alot of fun to be together, catch up and share our latest life stories. God is doing something unique in each of our lives and it was awesome to share our stories. We will be together again soon and will see where God has taken us on our journeys. I know we will pray for one another along the way. We spent time swimming, eating and just hanging out with Zack & Jaclyn (the newlyweds), the Knapps, Lawrences, Dollars, Hills, and Littles. It is funny when I recall that we have all worshipped together, prayed together, grieved together and celebrated together. We have many great memories and look forward to making many, many more! Thank you, Father, for great friends! Here are just a few photos from our trip....