Saturday, July 28, 2007

Splash in the Boro

Friday we spent the day with Keith's family in Statesboro at their waterpark. The kids had a great time together with all of their cousins and we enjoyed some time on the Lazy River. It was the best thing to be doing in the hot, steamy weather we had, ugh!
We also celebrated Micaela's 13th birthday with some yummy cake!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Calling all Prayer Warriors!!!!!!

If you have read Keith's blog for today, you know the darts are flying. We had our prayer group last night and talked about this and ended with a blanket of prayer. What a sweet time, closing with communion...what a wonderful way to end the night with our family of believers from New City.
I have to say and would really like to shout it out at the top of my lungs....LEAVE MY HUSBAND AND HIS CHARACTER ALONE!!! I know of no other man who has more integrity, more honesty, more compassion, more love for His Lord than my husband! I really dislike it when negative untruths (lies) start to circulate, especially from those who should know better. I have to remind myself that the Lord will take care of those, and us.
But I will set the record straight so there will not be any question. Keith Watson has not, I repeat, HAS NOT
asked or recruited anyone from Mabel White to come to New City Church, EXCEPT for Shannon Allgood, only because the Lord dropped him into the picture with such a certainty that no one could deny Shannon was to be a part of this band.Other than Shannon, we have not asked, told, suggested or begged any member of the church. Each person that has made a commitment, has done so on their own accord and by the Lord's prompting.
What is it about people getting mad at a man who has worked his tail off, poured his heart into his job, done everything he could to leave this job with things better than they were before, and do so with his character above reproach, always praying for the church to be healthy and go to a new place only because the LORD has called him out of comfort and into something new...requiring a HUGE step of faith! How can you get mad and spread lies about him?

So....I am calling all our prayer warriors to gird up and surround us with your prayers! The fiery darts are a flyin'!
WE WILL PRESS ON and strive to see the Gospel transform everything within our reach - ourselves, our church, our city, and our world. We understand that our church is more than a building, an organization, a man, or a service. We are a group of missionaries, a family of believers, a population of diverse individuals united by, striving for, and growing in the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are "a worshipping community of missional theologians."

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great News!!!

Daddy received great news yesterday from his oncologist! His tumors have gotten small enough to be scheduled for a procedure in Atlanta asap! He is now waiting to hear when he will see the surgeon in Atlanta who does this procedure called radiofrequency ablation . You can watch a computer simulation of this online. It is really neat! Needless to say my parents are so excited about this great news and are praising the Lord! He will most likely take more chemo afterwards to take care of any left over cells. Thank you for praying for Daddy and continue to lift him up in the coming days and weeks. Praise the Lord for his grace through this!! Oh Happy Day!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

A "Strange" New Baby :)

Our good friends, Helen and Clint, had the joy of experiencing the birth of their first child last night. Harrison Hart was born late last night! He is a beautiful baby boy with dark hair and his parents are just exstatic! Ivey and I got to hold him this morning and it was such fun!! helen and Clint look so comfortable holding him and both said it was the most incredible experience of their lives. I will second that! To God be all the glory for this miracle!!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Ivey riding Sunny

If you hang around Ivey for very long you will quickly pick up on her love of horses. She reads about them and is constantly searching for a new horse series to read. She pretends that our greyhound is a horse and trains her to jump over all kinds of jumps in our yard. Everything in her room is horses. Our rocking horse has her saddle over it and she rides it everyday. She would live in the barn if we had one and she doesn't mind cleaning the stalls either! She has the greatest riding instructor now who takes a lot of time to show how to handle horses Parelli style. Ivey has gained so much confidence from her lessons since she started taking from Corrie and I dread the days when Corrie calls and has to cancel a lesson, because Ivey "ain't" happy!
So, I finally took some photos of her lesson this week. It is really hard to catch the jump on a digital camera, but I guess these were pretty good. Anyway, she has a ball!
On another note that brings a smile to my face, is our great time of prayer last Tuesday. The Holy Spirit was definitely in this place as we prayed together. Wow, I can't wait until next week!
Also, God is continuing to provide as He promised He the need arises, so does the provision. To God be the glory!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Today, Daddy went for his last chemo treatment in this round. He keeps the bag of medicine hooked up to his port until Wednesday. Then, next Tuesday He will have another scan to see how the tumors have responded to this round of treatment. He will find out the results on the following Monday(2 weeks from today). If the tumors have reduced enough then he will have a procedure scheduled to remove them. (the name of it is too complicating to write) If they are not small enough, then he will begin another 8 weeks of treatment. Daddy really wishes he was finished now, it is pretty tough on the body from what he describes. So, we will continue to pray for good news from the scan. I have been praying for his body to be able to endure treatments and still have the strength to function and do things that he enjoys. Daddy would, I think, get really depressed if he had to sit in the house all day, day after day. Lately, he has not felt like doing much more than that. But I am sure his body needs the rest.

Page, you are returning to jazzercise, and I am going to start running again. I had quit while recovering from my surgery, then I lost one of my running partners, and then the other one is 9 months pregnant. Of course, she is still doing step class. She is really due in like a week and looks like she is carrying a little basketball. My hero! :)

She plans on training for a half marathon as soon as she gets the okay from her doctor after the baby comes. Wow! She said that will be a good goal to get back in shape. I am not sure that she is really out of shape though, just needs to deliver that tiny basketball!

Well, we have our first prayer time together with all those who are planning to be a part of New City Church tomorrow night at our home. We are looking forward to the time together and to see how God will continue to work in this .
More to come!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 4th!!!!!!

Happy 4th!!

Today we enjoyed a cul-de-sac party with our neighbors. We had bike races, parade, food and fun. Thankfully it was about 10 degrees cooler this year than it was last year. It was nice to sit in the shade and fellowship with our neighbors while the kids played together. It is something that we could do more often, but just don't take the time to do. But, I think everyone enjoyed the time we were able to share today. Freedom....what a blessing.

Ten Years!

July 3rd marked our son, Robby's, 10th birthday! Wow, we cannot believe how fast the years have flown by. He enjoyed a day filled with cake, ice cream and family. (presents too) We went to Cochran to visit the Watson clan and the kids enjoyed hotdogs, cake and ice cream with all of "the cousins". There are 9 of them with one on the way. The kids went swimming and then we returned home with Tanner and Noah, two of the cousins from Statesboro. Then, last night, my folks brought over some homemade ice cream and we ate again! Robby really enjoyed all of the festivities!

As I was thinking about his birthday, I was reminded that it has also been 10 YEARS since I had the joy of being pregnant. I cannot believe it has been 10 yrs, it still feels like such a fresh wound that just will not heal. Keith and I were talking about it and he said, "It still hurts doesn't it." They say time heals, but I am not sure this one will ever heal.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Prayer Time

Starting July 10th, we are meeting at our home for a time of prayer for New City Church. This is for anyone who wishes to be involved in the church plant, loves to pray and meet together with other believers and see God do great things.
On a different note, I am excited that Ivey will spend another year at home with me for school. We have prayed over this decision and all feel good about it. The idea of going to Covenant was mulled over for quite a while, but for some reason, God changed our hearts in this. I think we may choose that in the future, who knows what the next year will hold. But for now, we look forward to being free to be more missional with our entire family being together at home!