Thursday, June 28, 2007

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the mountains this week. We spent most of the time either in the pool or on the, fun!!! You'll see we also did some family reading :)


This is a special wish for my very special friend PAGE!


I knew since we were going to be out of town that I would forget to get in touch with you on Monday! Hope you forgive me!!!
Hope you had a great day!
love you!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Encouragement at just the right time...

I just had to take this picture of Elijah this morning while he was still sleeping in our bed. That's "puppy" asleep next to him and his blanky is not far from them. So sweet!

Well, you know how Satan likes to bog us down in the stuff (a nicer word) going on around us to take our focus off of what the Lord is doing? Well, he has really been trying that on us. I am thankful for a friend pointing that out to me recently because it has made me see it sooner and get out of the mess while it was still early. I don't want to waste my time or energy worrying and being upset by all the mess going on around us, I want to spend my time serving the Lord and being faithful to His calling. Satan makes me so mad trying to devert my attention from the real deal, the good stuff that God has going on in our lives and get my attention and energy focused on petty stuff. Well, I WILL NOT let him get me bogged down and stressed out and dragged away from the good stuff! He has no hold on me!

But hear what my God did today! God is so good about giving encouragement when it is needed most. Keith and I had lunch today, which does not happen that often, (but it was very nice) and I shared with him some of my fleshly anxiety over the major changes approaching our family. I felt better after we talked and had lunch.Then, when we went out to our car i noticed a brochure on the window of the car and just thought someone was putting them on all the cars, but when Keith opened it up it had words written to us on the front that said: Trust His Hand, Love ya, Monty. It was from a friend of ours who recognized our car and left the note for us. Three simple words that meant so much to me! Isn't God amazing to plan something so significant to me and so small in the scheme of all that He has charge over! I am so grateful for the obedience of this friend to take the time to leave it, words of encouragement that helped me over another hill on this journey of faith! Thank you God for caring enough to do that today! I sure do love you.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A little turtle love.....

The kids and I woke up Saturday morning and noticed these 2 turtles in our front yard. Well, I assume you can guess what is going on in this picture...:) a little science and nature occurring in our own yard! How cool!

They have been staying in our flower bed, eating on a dead bird during the last week and since this activity we haven't seen them..oh well. Maybe we will see baby turtles crossing through our yard one day....
Never a dull moment in this household!

Ivey goes to Super Wow


Ivey has taken a giant step into growing up....she went with her Youth group to Jekyll Island for the week.

Here is a picture of her and Jessie all excited about the trip. The other picture is of Caleb and Emily, our youth minister and his wife. We are so blessed to have them to lead our youth! To be so young in age, they are more spiritually mature than many of the older people in our church! I say that just out of honesty...I am really, really excited that they are teaching my child. Caleb is firm in his discipline and firm in his teaching...his first goal is to disciple these kids, give them the Word full force. The kids love and respect them, and so do the parents!
Anyway, ivey called us late last night and she was having a blast. She talked and talked until I told her we should save her chaperone's minutes for another night. :) I am so glad she is comfortable enough with the adults who are with them to be able to stay away from home for this week. She really struggled with it before she left, not sure if she would be ok overnight away from home. I was the same way and thankfully so was Emily, her teacher, who told her she would be there for her.
ivey told me that if you touch one of the sea turtles on the beach you will get fined and that the surf comes way up to the rocks, and a million other things that happened to them yesterday. Yeah! Thank you God for giving Ivey the confidence to take that step. Believe me, I did not push her into going...I am perfectly content with her staying at home, but I remember going and am glad she is getting to experience something like I did. I think things have changed a bit..they now do missions activities everyday, which is great! I told Emily that if I did not trust her and Caleb with our daughter, then Ivey wouldn't be going. Pray for the group this week that they will have a safe and fun trip, but also to grow in their relationship with the Lord and in their faith.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Good News!

Close friends of ours our going to China on the 19th to adopt their baby girl Faith. You can check out their website We are so excited for them and wish them the best on their trip! What an awesome privilege!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

A New Day

It's a new day! God is so gracious to give us a new day. A new day to enjoy each other, to enjoy His creation. I am amazed at our God just in how He causes things to grow. I love flower gardens and working in the yard and seeing the fruits of that labor. But it always blows me away when I look closely at the blooms of bright, gorgeous red dragonwing begonias, daylilies in numerous colors and none the exact shade of another. I noticed yesterday the blooms on my neighbors Rose of Sharon. I had never seen that color before - a shade of light pink with dark fuschia stripes running through the petals. It shows me how diverse God's creation is and He is SO not boring! That leads me to think of scripture and how Ivey has told me excitedly of scripture passages that she has read. I am excited that she finds it a joy to read, I pray that continues for her.
I have also had a great time picking tomatoes, zucchini and blueberries from our garden. It is so much fun to go and see each day something that has ripened. I have to get out there early or Elijah or Ivey will beat me to it, and they usually eat them right after picking them!!
Speaking of Ivey, she is nervous about going to Super Wow this year with her middle school youth group. She is so much like me in that she is a "home body", not wanting to be away for very long. But she excitedly signed up on her own, so now we are trying to encourage her as she thinks about the reality of the trip drawing near. I probably would not normally let her go, but I know Caleb and Emily are good, godly leaders and I trust their judgement and leadership.
It is also a refreshing new day to see the excitement in my husband as He works toward the start of this new church plant. He has a joy about Him that I haven't seen in a long time ,if ever, since His coming to know Christ intimately. He has a peace about Him, a certainty when He speaks, a JOY! It makes me smile to know His hearts desire is becoming reality. This vision of a church that functions according to God's Word and the example that Christ showed us. I wish I could relay my excitement and explain to you Keith's heart for church. He is so "Christ driven" and just does not seek His own glory - "Father, I pray that he always stays that way!" I pray that this church never, NEVER is about us, but ALWAYS about CHRIST and sharing His love with the community of Macon, the state of GA and to the uttermost parts of the world. We are already praying for those who work downtown, those who work for the theatre, the pizza place, all those who we come in contact with as we work and as we go about our day. We do not cease to pray for Mabel White, for the salvation of those who remain stuck in religion and tradition, for the leadership, for the faithful prayer warriors and workers in the church...what a tremendous impact the church has a potential to be on this community, if It will be faithful to God's calling.
Today, I am so thankful for God choosing me to be Keith's helpmate and for giving me the joy of seeing Keith's excitement and inner peace as He steps out and answers the call to shepherd this church. We have no idea how God will provide for us financially in the very near future, it is beyond our comprehension that He would even choose to use us, much less love us enough to take care of all the details of today, tomorrow and all the days to come. To God be the Glory! always

Friday, June 1, 2007

It has been awhile, life is full of busyness right now. God is so good! Already He is providing for us as we prepare for the church plant. We enjoyed a great family night at the Rush of Fools concert! Even Elijah loved the loud music!! There is just something great about a bunch of people praising God together - I can't wait until Iget to praise Him in heaven with all of the saints!! Wow, I bet the band will be awesome ;)
Great praise: Daddy's tumors are shrinking and so he will continue with 4 more treatments to hopefully get them small enough to blast away!! He is feeling rather yucky right now after this last treatment, so please continue to pray for him and Mom.
Tomorrow is our yard sale. We are doing all we can to eliminate any debt we have before we jump out into the wild world of the financial unknown...this year has brought several surgeries $$$ and other things that we need to get squared away. But even in those God is doing great things to head us in the right direction!!
Well, I just wanted to say "Hi!" and I will do better.
By the way, the band members for Rush of Fools are the nicest guys! It was such a pleasure to meet them and chat for a moment. Ivey thought it was really cool!