Saturday, April 28, 2007

Our last full day in North GA

Well, we had another great day...visiting Helen and eating pizza beside the river. I was disappointed that the Christmas shop that I remember has burned down. I had visions of taking my kids there and making a memory like I have from my childhood. How disappointed I was to hear it was no longer around! So, we went into the Hansel and Gretel candy shop and bought candy! The smells in the shop were delicious and the man next to me said he could feel the weight coming on just looking at the goodies! The kids have really enjoyed swimming and the putt-putt.
Keith and I have laughed at how they play, not so much how good or bad, but just how they act and the things they say. Elijah noticed a Hispanic boy in town today that had hair just like his (dark) and then he said with excitement "he has skin like mine too". This is harder than I thought it would be and why does he notice being as young as he is? we couldn't imagine life without our kids! Our older two now make comments to us every time we hug and kiss like"you know the curtain is open" or "get your own room" ha, ha...but I hope they grow up knowing this is how it should be...two parents who love each other and love being together and expressing that love is a good thing.
This has been a good trip! We are already talking about coming back this summer.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday is a new day!

It is beautiful here! It still looks like early spring, no leaves on the trees and the azaleas are in bloom. It is cool in the 70s and really enjoyable! The kids are swimming again this morning. I can't which stinks since I haven't healed from my surgery, so that is why I am blogging.
Last night we did puzzles and played spoons, it was a lot of fun. Elijah danced to our X cd while we played cards. We plan on coming back in the summer so we can tube the river that flows around Helen. The kids did not know what to think of the funny looking town last night when we drove in for dinner. Ivey wanted to trail ride today but the stables are closed due to the rain yesterday, so we are praying that tomorrow she can ride. We had the kids doing sit ups and push ups this morning, anything to pass some time!!! Elijah loves running in one door and out another around and around the cabin. I wish you could be here to see how pretty it is. Of course I forgot my digital camera. God is sooo good to us, just in His creation! Later....................

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Spring Break

As I write this the kids are swimming in a heated pool and we are looking out at a beautiful view of the North Ga mountains with their smoke covered tops. It is breathtaking! We are in a small cabin, no Tv, but this is good. We are going to play games and we have already played hide and seek. that lasted 5 minutes because we used up all he hiding spots!!
Anyway, we are praying this will be a relaxing time for us and just a time to be together. Today's ride through Atlanta was really crazy. We watched as car coming from the opposite side of the interstate slide across the median and spin to a stop right before coming over in front of us and oncoming traffic.!! We saw wrecks and overturned cars and all sorts of accidents. We were thankful to arrive safe.
Hope tomorrow is a beautiful day for us to enjoy!

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Day in the Life.....

I really don't like it when my spouse is away, but I know He is off doing something exciting in missions...Mexico to be exact. They are doing medical clinics for the next 2 days and I can't wait to hear all about what happened! I wish I was there, but you know airline tickets are way too much these days and I guess someone has to stay and hold down this fort.
The kids have enjoyed neighbors being on spring break this week and lots of playtime. Robby has been to a couple of baseball games with friends too. I took Ivey for a consultation for braces yesterday. We absolutely loved the dentist and his staff, so we will be going to this Dr. for sure. It is quite costly for braces as most of you may know, if you don't be prepared to spend over $5000.00 for sure! Ivey is excited about finally getting her teeth straightened and I know she is going to follow every instruction to the "T". She has been working with her horse Angie alot more this week and she has grown more comfortable with being back on my brother's farm.( this is where she was attacked by the dogs) it has been over a year and she still has moments where she struggles with things. God has been so good to us though, through this entire mess.
Hey, i am sure you have seen the geico commercial with Little Richard saying "mashed potatoes, gravy, whooooooo", well.....Elijah has started saying something similar that goes like this..."mashed potatoes, ground beef, WHOOOOOOOO!!!!" Keith and I crack up with what comes out of this little boy's mouth..he is a regular comedian!!
I am going to talk to my parents tonight I think about our church plant. they are not aware of what is going on so far. I am a little nervous because I want them to grasp Keith's passion and God's hand in this. I am fearful my words may not display it accurately. Pray! Thankfully, they have grown in their faith through Daddy's cancer and understand much more about our Awesome God! One more note...I REALLY miss all of my long distance friends in Alabama!!, Eastman, Spokane!! love you guys!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well, today we spent most of the day out at my parents house visiting with Jennifer and her girls before they leave tomorrow. It has been so good to visit and catch up on things, especially their adoption of three boys. You cannot talk to her and listen to what God is doing to provide and how He has guided them and not believe this is a God thing! I can't wait to hear more about their adoption as it progresses.
Keith is going on a mission trip tomorrow in Mexico. I am excited for him, but we will surely miss him!
Daddy has done well, so far on his chemo. he was walking around today with his little bag of meds attached to his catheter. He goes back tomorrow and has it removed. Then he will get a week off before he does it again.
I go for an appt. tomorrow to hopefully get some answers about the rheumatoid arthritis stuff (for a lack of a better word). I hope I get some answers.
Well, God is good and we see it everyday, if we care to pay attention! Thank you god for protecting our little ones from the many disasters they would likely fall into if You weren't protecting them!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Well, this is my first post and I don't know where to begin. I went to a Beth Moore conference in Columbia SC this past weekend and it was awesome. She amazes me at her humility and her ability to teach so much so quickly. I went with 50 ladies from our church and really enjoyed getting to know them better.

The teaching was taken from James 1 and there were 4 main points:
1. Each of us gets one mortal life. 2. Each one life is marked by multiple seasons.
3. Each season is colored by different trials.
4. For believers, every trial is assigned divine tasks.
These tasks can be something that we are lacking that God wants to add: compassion, knowledge, humility, ministry..... and the list goes on. So, we can count it all joy because a masterpiece is being created and we are to keep trusting and one day we will see the end result of that masterpiece. But know, we are held by the Master Creator! What awesome news and encouragement! as God entrusts these trials to us, He is adding color to our picture. She also explained that : a. Every True trial evokes a test of faith.
b. Every trial will expose a need of a new wisdom. (v.5)
c. Every victory will take courage and make courage.
Perseverance is courageous endurance, it enables a person to stand to his feet while facing the storm! We count trials all joy because of the affects they produce.
So, we need an eager desire to dine with God, humbly accept the Word implanted into us and agree with God. Be ye doers of the Word, not just hearers!! Trust God! He is faithful!