Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A gentle reminder

 I needed a gentle reminder today and here is what I found; although I wasn't looking for it, it found me!

God's plans defy all odds.
God's plans supersede all logic.
God's miracles mystify all human reasoning.
God's plans trump every single human plan.
Every single time.

God is always faithful,always.

Friday, February 17, 2012

the time has come

It's time to stop being lazy and get back to this blogging world. I am constantly busy these days with 3 growing kids, a church planting husband and 2 dogs who act like they are my kids as well.
But I want to take time and share with you as I can, because I hope to maybe encourage someone along the way.
Over a year ago, I had a young mom/wife in the church ask for a mentor. Keith suggested that I start meeting with this young woman and I agreed it was an excellent idea. :) Honestly, at first I was nervous about it because... what if I couldn't answer her questions or I didn't do a good enough job at this mentoring thing. I pushed away my anxiety and insecurities and we started meeting weekly. We have gone through 3 studies together and are now on our fourth. We have grown from two and somehow have become a small group of ladies meeting to pray, encourage and learn from each other and most importantly, God's Word. Most importantly is the truth that God brought us together, we did not pick and choose who could/could not meet with us. My desire is for this to multiply throughout our church and city.
We have studied through great book such as Practical Theology for Women (, Respectable Sins, Biblical Womenhood in the Home, and now we are now reading through Feminine Appeal.
This has been such a blessing to me! I never knew I would love this as much as I do. My hope and prayer is that this group will encourage other women in our church to mentor one another in groups all over Macon, Warner Robins and other areas!
We need accountability and growth in our walk with the Lord. We need friends who will pray with us and for us, who will encourage us with wisdom from scripture and life lessons.
I want to see other women (of all ages) start studying/meeting/praying together!! I encourage you to pray and seek how you can do this. What a great opportunity we have to walk together in this journey called life and not do it alone. If you need help finding a mentor, let me know and I will do my best to help connect you with someone. God is good and He wants us in community with other women.
To God be all the glory!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Beach trip! Ivey invited Mary Cate and Robby brought his friend Blake. The beach was wonderful and the kids had alot of fun together. This was Elijah's first year swimming really well and so he had a great time in the ocean, especially keeping up with his older siblings. Some of the kids tried parasailing for the first time and loved it. Great memories!!
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We had baptism at the Ocmulgee River today right after our gathering. The day was beautiful and there was tons of celebrating. There was one unwelcome visitor in the water...a water mocassin. It moved on without causing any harm, thankfully! What a great day - Praise God!
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Monday, April 26, 2010

Jeepers, its been awhile since I have posted. I think because life is so stinking crazy, I just haven't taken the time for this extra thing.
Anyway, on a positive note - my back is doing great! Praise God I had this surgery and am feeling so much better!
I hope to get released in another month or so to do all kinds of new things!

Keith has been working nonstop on the new space. We hope to be holding our Sunday morning worship there by June!

Lots going on as far as changes in our household. Ivey will take 2 Veritas classes this next year -Algebra 2 and Biology. We are both excited about this.
Robby may be attending FPD if everything works out for it to happen...I just sent in the registration papers for the next school yr. It does make me sad that i won't have him home with me, but he is ready and Keith and I agree to give it a try.
Elijah is growing like a weed, doing well with his reading and math. He will be my only full time student next year...and he wants a desk in his room before school starts! hmm - will he really use it or will it be another place to stash his "junk". He is a collector for sure!

I am so excited to now be in an MC group. The kids and I have been attending Josh and Megan's group on Tuesday nights for almost a month is sometimes difficult to get there because Robby is still doing baseball and Keith has all kinds of obligations as well, but we do our best and I am so glad when I can go! It is already such a blessing.

What am I learning right now?....

I find myself still being reminded that people will always disappoint us in this life...and the only one who will not is God. He is forever faithful, always fighting for my best, never lets go, never stops loving, doesn't condemn me when I fail Him...He picks me up and continues to love me and I need to learn to let go...

What am I enjoying?

*New City...more and more each week! learning, fellowship, and our worship time together...aah it is so refreshing!
*spring - baseball games, horse shows and flowers...
*watching old episodes of Lost with my man!
*always enjoy my kiddos - they are always making us smile. God is good.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pray...that is what has been pressing in on me more and more lately. I can't do it often enough...there is an urgency. It's not like I have to stop and get down on my knees...I just do it wherever I am at the moment. Nevertheless, I am praying...
1.praying for my husband: he has more than enough on his plate...counseling hurting people, making decisions and attending meeting regarding a new building, trying to find time and energy to study and prepare sermons, cleaning up/straightening the 567 time and time again, preparing for partnership for New City, Plant /Replant conference in January,not to mention taking up alot of slack that I have left due to my surgery around this house,etc.
2.praying for New City as we have families who are hurting, moving growing...there is SO much to pray for! We have volunteer needs constantly, praying for those who serve New City, MC groups...etc...
3. praying for my kids...a daughter who turns 15 next month, a son who is 12! and a 6 yr old who loves, loves his older siblings...
4. praying for my Mom
5. praying for close friends who are hurting...
6. praying for The Chandlers who are a young family facing a brain tumor,daily radiation and chemo...they have 3 very young children...and I know first hand how hard battling cancer is! My heart is with them constantly - it is a tough, tiring time! And it is by faith that they walk through this!
7. praying for so many others...

and moment by moment the list grows and changes...daily there are new ones that are added...

I can't be lazy about it

I am confident in God and His plans for each one.

Here is a bit of a post from a pastor's wife on prayer:
Pray: For it is fellowship with God
Pray:For it is a beckoning to join with God in accomplishing His eternal purposes
Pray:For it truly changes things.
Pray:For it is a means of confession and fighting sin.
Pray: For it is an act of humility.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So, it is Saturday and 11 days post-op. I feel pretty good, the walking I am enjoying when it is not raining. It was good to wake up with sun shining in the windows this morning. Christmas is a good time to have surgery so that the kids are out of school for a couple of weeks. But, I miss the shopping and browsing and party going. I am really not a good patient. Maybe because I am not very patient.